Your Next President: Isabel Ortiz(12)

Voted most likely to run for office by the senior class, Isabel Ortiz (12) is determined to become your President in the year 2044 elections! As a Democrat, she hopes she “can be the face of the nation and a source of inspiration for children in the US and abroad.”
From a young age, she wondered what it would be like to become President. At first, she thought that becoming president was just an interesting idea. It wasn’t until she grew older in 6th grade when she realized it was indeed her true dream. She didn’t know what she could do to achieve her newly found dream. So, she just did what she’s always done best: Try and study harder than before.
Since then, she has been preparing her entire life to become President, studying every single day and working hard in extracurricular activities such as sports, Mock Trial, Academic Decathlon, and many more. Some might see it as unnecessary, but in her opinion, “every hardship [she] has overcome has led [her] one step closer to become President.” She wants to create a change in this nation, and she wants to do so as acting president of 2044. Isabel’s mind is full of ideas, and she hopes to be able to share them with the nation.
Inspired by former Presidents such as Washington, Lincoln, and Roosevelt, Isabel wants to become a leader who is able to unite and lead the country during difficult times. She wants to change the current direction America is currently heading towards, hoping to fix any problems the nation is currently having. Isabel states that, “My priorities are my constituents, and I will do my best I can do to satisfy their needs and keep the economy strong.”
One of the problems she wants to fix is our nation’s emergency response to natural disaster relief, like the constant hurricanes the world has gone through recently. For now however, she hopes to fix this problem as she learns more and educates herself when she goes to college.
The Presidents of the past have helped our nations to prosper, and all Isabel wants to do is the same. Having a female President is long overdue, and she just might be the first one. Although she still has a long way to go until the year 2044, her eyes are dead set on this goal, and she isn’t going to back down. She will become President.