Your Burning Questions About College Admissions– Answered!

Ah, November — not only is it the season of thanksgiving, with holidays right around the corner, it’s also the season of applying to colleges! If that makes you groan, seniors, then fear no more! Here at Argolog, we know you’ve been busy, staying up late to finish all your assignments, getting involved with sports and extracurricular activities, and — not that we don’t have faith in your time management skills or anything — procrastinating on those college apps. So, to make your college application process easier, we took some Frequently Asked Questions about college admissions to our school college advisor, Ms. Stacey, who gladly answered them. Let’s get these questions about college applications out of the way so you can check off one more thing on your senior year to-do list.

What’s the last SAT and ACT that I can take that will count for my application?

The last SAT that most schools will take is on December 3, 2016. Technically, the last day to register for it was November 3, but if you have an SAT fee waiver, the waiver covers the late fee (that comes with registering late). The late registration deadline is Nov 15, 2016 (for mailed registrations) and Nov 22, 2016 (for registrations made online or by phone). As for the ACT, most schools will take the December one (December 10), but unfortunately the registration date has passed and the fee waiver does not cover the late fee for it.

When are college applications due?

For a lot of schools, their application is due by November 30, 2016, including all the Cal States (CSUs) and UCs. For private schools, generally their deadlines are at the end of November, beginning of December, or in January.

What if I’m looking into attending a community college?

Right now, start deciding which community college you want to attend by seeing what each school has to offer and which school you like best depending on what degrees you’re looking into. Golden West, Orange Coast College, and Santa Ana College tend to be the more popular ones. You don’t need to start applying for those until the spring — March and April is a good time to start.

For the CSU/UC apps, should my grades be weighted or unweighted for the GPA?

The colleges will take the weighted grades for 10th and 11th grade. It gets more specific per school if you’re looking into private schools.

What is the NCAA on college applications?

That’s only if you’re doing sports for college. For example, if you were recruited to do college sports, NCAA would be relevant to you. Otherwise, you don’t have to worry about it.

What campus do I choose when I’m applying to a school with multiple campuses?

Always choose the main campus when you’re choosing campus location.

How do I decide where to apply for college?

Only apply if you know you actually want to go there. A lot of times students apply to schools and think, “oh, I’m gonna get in because my GPA and SAT/ACT scores qualify for this,” but they don’t actually want to go there. There’s no point in applying to a school you don’t want to go to. Don’t apply to schools out-of-state if you’ll never consider going outside California.

What are things that seniors need but tend to overlook when applying to colleges?

You’ll need your social security number and your parents’ income level. That’s also what you need to qualify for the application fee waivers.

Where can I get help on my college application?

You can come to me, Ms. Stacey, every Tuesday through Thursday. There are also College Boost mentors here (the room next to the Guidance Office) that give extra hands-on help as well.


cover photo credits to CollegeDegrees360 on Flikr