Where Will You Bee For College?

After nights of frantically checking emails and logging into portals, the waiting game is finally over. Seniors finally submitted their Statement of Intent to Register (SIR), their declaration of where they will be for the next four (or two) years. From this issue onward, Argolog aims to celebrate the successes of college-bound seniors who have made their decisions and face endless possibilities and in turn, challenge you underclassmen to take charge of your own.

If you are a senior and would like to participate in our college campaign in promoting a college-going culture here at Garden Grove High School, please contact Melissa Ancheta, Livia Nguyen, Maddy Spangler, Kylie Nguyen, or Julie Nguyen from Argolog or just email us at argologoutreach@gmail.com to arrange a photoshoot plus a quick survey containing the information below.

1. List of accepted colleges 2. List of colleges rejected from 3. List of colleges waitlisted at 4. Major 5. Where they’re going and why

Austin Noss

1. CSUS, CSU Sacramento, Colorado State Pueblo, Gordon’s College, Corban University 2. None 3. None 4. Biology major and chemistry minor 5. CSU Sacramento, because I want to be able to pay off my tuition as I go to school and that was the only university I got into that wasn’t $40,000 a year. Plus, I really love the outdoors and I loved how nature-y that area is as well as how many things there are up in that area.

Derek Liew

1. CSUF, SDSU, UCR, CSULB, CSULA, Chapman, UCI 2. UCSD, UCLA 3. None 4. Business Admin. 5. I chose UCI because it’s relatively close by and the environment is absolutely beautiful.

Terry Nguyen

1. USC, Syracuse, UCLA, UCSD, Boston University, Barmard College, UC Berkeley, NYU 2. Columbia University, Stanford 3. None 4. Broadcast Journalism/English 5. I chose USC because it has the best school for journalism on the West Coast.

Thomas Matuga

1. San Jose State, Cal State East Bay. Cal State LA, Dominguez Hills 2. None 3. None 4. Global Studies 5. I chose San Jose State University because I want to be surrounded by a different environment and get to know new people.

Jack Murphy

1. Cal Poly Slo, Northern Arizona, CSUF 2. CSULB 3. None  4. History 5. Cal Poly Slo, because it’s affordable and far away.

Kassidy Valencia

1. Monterey Bay, East Bay, SFSU, Cal Poly Pomona, UC Merced, S. Oregon University, W. Oregon University, Oregon State, University of Oregon 2. Dominguez Hills 3. None 4. Psychology/Clinical Therapy 5. S. Oregon University, because from there I intend to transfer to the University of Oregon.