On Her Way to Fulfilling a Dream to be a Vet – Kimberly Vu, Class of 2012


Kimberly Vu, a graduate of 2012, grew up loving to be surrounded by animals at all times. Her dad would take her to the animal shelter every weekend so that she could spend time with the dogs and cats and bunnies and whatever random animals they had there at the time. “When I was a kid, I thought it’d help them be happier as they wait for their new home.” Her motivation in wanting to become a veterinarian started off as she was just there to play with them, but over time her compassion for animals grew as she spent more time there. At a younger age, she never had any intentions of working in the fields of medical school when she grew up, however she’s always h14566487_10153964574057686_1133459102750414876_oad a “soft spot for animals.” Kimberly emphasizes, “I guess you can say that was the root of my motivation or first spark of wanting to help animals in a bigger way.”

After graduating from Garden Grove High School, Kimberly attended college at Cal Poly Pomona where she then got initiated into the veterinary profession. How she got into Vet school, like medical school or any other type of graduate school, was something she applied to after finishing her undergraduate studies,
all the academic programs up to the level of a bachelor’s degree. Now, she is currently in Vet School and expresses how it gets pretty intense. “The curriculum is very intense, there are tests every week, and everyone is constantly studying. But the best thing is that I’m in it together with all of my classmates and I am gaining knowledge that is crucial for my long term career. The nonstop studying gets tough sometimes, but I do enjoy being a vet student. I’m grateful for the opportunity to learn what I love.”  Although times may get overwhelming, her main support systems are her dogs and her roommate, who is also a vet student.


  1. If a student currently in high school is seeking to attend vet school, what would they  need to acquire?
  2. Because of how crazy school can get, what advice would you have for future students that are considering vet school?
  • My recommendations for a prospective veterinary student that is currently in high school would be to focus on your grades (they are really so important) and really try to understand the the significance of what you learn. Another equally as important part of vet school admissions is hands on experience with animals, whether it be getting involved at the animal shelter, getting a job in a clinic, or doing medical research. There’s a lot to learn both inside and outside of the classroom.
  • I guess my advice would be definitely immerse yourself as much as you can in the professional world you want to be, but also don’t forget to enjoy the small things in life such as having hobbies and spending quality time with your family and friends. Another thing to consider is the cost of attending vet school, which could be considered a costly investment. I guess what I’m trying to say is take it seriously if it’s something you truly want to pursue, but don’t forget to have fun along the way.