What’s Your Lucky Charm?

Everybody loves the sweet smell of cereal in the morning. Jumping out of bed, getting to the table, and seeing that sweet bowl of Lucky Charms. You always wondered if they were actually lucky, like in the commercials. You wondered if they were as lucky as your rubber duck, or that pencil that you chewed in first grade.

While lucky charms may not obtain any supernatural power, they can make you feel better about your odds when it comes to issues of chance. Although they may not actually increase your luck, it has been shown that lucky charms do increase your confidence level.  Lucky charms provide a degree of comfort and reminder of better times ahead or a possibility of fulfilling your wishes.When you’ve got a big exam coming up that you need to ace, what do you reach for? It could be a horseshoe, a 4 leaf clover or a rabbit’s foot in our pocket, or even just eating a fortune cookie. Wherever you might get it from, everyone needs a little bit of luck now and then. So, what is your lucky charm?

Alison Hoang (11): Good eyebrows.

Nathan Bonifacio (11): My sick last name.

Ramsses Diaz (11): My tie.

Wendy Diaz (11): The ring my grandma gave me.

Jackie Moreno (11): My anastacia eyebrow pomade.

Mariah Musni (11): My mom.

Andrew Valdez (11): My family.

Tran Tran (11): My mom.

Brian Puan (11): Lucky Charms.

Lissette (11): My family.

Ray Gonzales (11): My guardian angel coin.

Jordan Harris (11): My family.

Tiffany Nguyen (10): My favorite fine-tip pen!

Anonymous: My favorite pencil.

Anonymous: My baseball gloves.

Sergio Nava (10): Them Air Jordans though.

Lynette Alvarado (10): My favorite eraser.

Alfredo Jimenez (10): My Hot Wheels Nova.

Anthony Olimpo (10): My black pen.

Carley Miller (10): My heart necklace my aunt gave me.

Lauren Wilmes (10): My gold coin.

Jennifer Brito (10): My favorite necklace.

Vy Vu (10): My $2/Tet money.

Elaine Le (12): My lucky charm is the necklace my mother gave me that says “daughter”

Morris Dam (11): Plan B pills

Kaylie Merrill (12): There’s no such thing as luck, so there’s no need for a lucky charm but the cereal is pretty good.

Julian Villanueva (11): My lucky charms are my toe rings.

Danika Khong (11): My rosary, i’ve had it for almost 5 years now.

Melvin Bautista (11): My cross necklace.

Erendira Godinez (11): My lucky charm is my hair tie, even though I lose it sometimes, it somehow makes it’s way back to my wrist.

Ariana Banuelos (11): My lucky charm is my ring shaped like a crown, I got it for my quince and everything has been better since then.

Bryan Nguyen (11): My lucky charm is whoever I have history with.

Kathy Nguyen (11): You

Kimberly Nguyen (11): A necklace from my special person.

Carolyn Tran (11): My bracelet.

Tiffany Vu (11): A bracelet my mom gave me.

Thuanh Nguyen (11): My princess pandora ring my boyfriend gave me as a gift.

Elizabeth Son (12): My bracelet my grandma gave me.

Amanda Nguyen (11): I don’t have a lucky charm. I just believe in myself and try my best.

Janie Vu (11): My lucky bra.

Danika Khong (11): My rosary/bracelet from church years ago! I wear it everyday.

Joshua Rosas (11): My lucky charm is a fox that my girlfriend’s little sister gave me. Shoutout to Dani.

Long Nguyen (11): A paracord bracelet that holds a ring. I’m always lucky with it on me.

Jonathan Victoria (12): I have good bones.

Vanchannimul Sar (12): My necklace.

Tricia Viveros (12): My ring.

Michael Than (12): My car keys.

Danny Tran (12): My rabbit foot.

Anna Do (10): My bracelet.

Natalie Luu (10): My Fairy Tail Nalu Charm.

Fernanda De La Cruz (10): My red bow that I wear at every track meet. I can’t run without it.

Frida Aguilar (11): My lucky bra.

Benjamin Le (10): My girlfriend, Sarah Phan.

Edwin Galicia (11): My wallet.

Liv Candelas (11): My pink bracelet.

Dennis Pham (10): Shoes (Jordan)

Moises (11): Edwin.