What are your plans for winter break and what are you most looking forward to for the holidays?

After surviving the first couple months of school, Argos are ready for a long break. With the holidays coming up, there are many things to do. No need to be worrying about semester grades when there are splendid occasions planned for the break! Argos have been planning some cool and crazy things. So now we’re wondering, what are your plans this winter break?


Bryant Laquindanam (11): I’m planning to go to Big Bear with some friend and San Fran with the family. Also Drake is releasing another mixtape so I expect a lot of simpin’.

Giselle Garcia (11): During winter break, I’m looking forward to singing Christmas songs 24/7 and having my older (Jaselinne) back home from college.

Alison Hoang (11): I’m looking forward to extra sleep and Christmas!

Brian Phan (11): I’m looking forward to special another Christmas single. I love to singing to Gnash.

Mariah Musni (11): I’ve been planning to go on a vacation with my family.

Andrew Flores (11): I am looking forward to sleeping in, and having practice.

Jackie Moreno (11): I’m excited to sleep in and spend time with my family.

Kendra Lopez (11): I’m planning to go to a vacation in San Francisco and to catch up in sleep.

Angel Nguyen (11): I’m looking forward to getting lit and going to parties because #hamchoi

Lily Lopez (12): I’m looking forward to seeing my family and sleeping!

Savannah Do (11): I’m going to be spending a lot of time with my family and hopefully going to San Francisco and Las Vegas. I look forward to traveling and my sister coming home from college.

Sang Ong (11): I plan to finish my homework while playing with my Barbies.

Daniel Nguyen (11): I plan on hanging out with my family- but only my family because I have public issues.

Ryan Vu (10): I plan to hang things other than ornaments and drink beverages other than milk.

Tiffany Nguyen (10): I plan on sitting in my couch playing League of Legends while wrapped in layers of blankets and presents. 🙂

Jose Contreras (10): I plan on celebrating the entire week with my family.

Hillary Tran (10): I plan on doing homework and hanging out with friends.

Michelle Phan (10): I’m looking forward to hanging out with friends and family, as well as going gift shopping.

Vanessa Nguyen (10): I will go to Christmas parties with friends, stay home, and watch TV.

Alan Cao (10): I plan to hang out with all my friends all break long… not.

John Nguyen (10): I plan to just stay home and relax without the pressure of school on me.

Kathy Nguyen(10): I plan to spend time with family and friends, bake, and watch some Christmas movies! I’m looking forward to some relaxation when the holidays come.

Mindy Nguyen(9): Traveling for the first time.

Bryant Tran(9): Getting money.

Kayla Ruvalcaba (10): My plans are to sleep and I am looking forward to making tamales.

Emily Rodriguez (10): My plans are spending time with my family that will be coming from Mexico.

Katie Rodriguez (10): My plans are to sleep, eat, and watch movies all day. I am looking forward to spending time with my family.

Brenda Salas (10): My plans are to visit family in Mexico for the entire winter break. I am looking forward to enjoying the presence of those I don’t see often.

Jazmin Diaz (11): I’m looking forward to getting away from Garden Grove and spending it with my family in a cabin in Big Bear. I love snow tubing with my family in this fun resort!

Kayla Diep (12): Hanging out with friends, sleeping, and going to my annual scout’s winter retreat

Gene Pham (11): Cooking for Christmas for the 1st time, reviewing for SAT, and making gift cards

George Mora (12): Watching Christmas movies and drinking that nice, warm, hot cup of chocolate

Kelly Nguyen (12): Sleeping, but mostly watching my K-Dramas

Mariel Gonzalez (12): Work out every morning and walk the dog!

Brian Alvarado (11): Probably just Christmas dinner and homework.

Maggie Kitchell (12): Sleeping and hanging out with friends. Also, giving/receiving presents!

Kevin LIzalde (11): Spend time with friends and family, practice basketball, and homework

Ashley Le (12): Do some volunteer work for clubs, do my common app for private schools, SLEEP, and most importantly to go shopping!

Veronica Gomez (10): I’m looking forward to spending New Years because I always enjoy going and watching the TV special in New York with my friends.

Tony Manh (11): This year, my family and I are planning to travel out of the state. I’ll be looking forward to spending time with my friends and family for Christmas.

Kim Nakhiengchanh (12): My plans for winter break: eat, sleep, play games, read, and hang out with family and friends. What I’m looking forward to? NO SCHOOL!! WINTER BREAK!!

Tevin Vo (12): I look forward to all the bonding events with my clubs and friends,  having idle days at home, and then, by the end of break, doing homework.

Michael Aguirre (12): My family and I are going to Disneyworld, and I’m excited to meet my all-time favorite character, Snow White’s Prince, for the first time ever!

Nhi Ly (12): I’m travelling north with my family to go play in the snow, and hopefully I won’t freeze to death.

David Do (12): I’ll probably sleep, play video games, and binge-watch anime.

Mach Bui (12): My plans for winter break are to finally get enough sleep compared to my usual unhealthy four hours, and to finish Pokemon Sun and Moon — no spoilers please! I’ll probably just stay home.

Kassidy Flores (12): I plan to travel, probably clean my room, paint, and not die.

Anonymous (12): I plan to sleep.

Ana Tran (12): Reconnecting with Vernon.

Maggie Trinh (11): During winter break, I’m going to Utah with my friends, and I can’t wait to see snow and spend more time with my friends.

Long Nguyen (11): During the break, I look forward to relaxing and gaming, but I also look forward to spending time with my significant other.

David Phung (11): I’m planning to relax and catch up on my work.

Nghiem Pham (10): Stay in my house and not do things.

Dylan Le (11): Ham choi with Tung Nguyen.

Nathan Le (11): Spending time with my family.

Jackie Lam (12): My plans for winter break include sleeping and coming in the yearbook room to finish some pages.

Annie Tran (11): Friendsmas and Christmas karaoke.

Jane Ho (11): I’m going to host Friendsmas and end my holidays in Hawaii.

Martin Tran (11): Do homework, watch movies, eat, sleep, spending time with family, study, and procrastinate.

Kate Nguyen (11): SLEEP AND EAT :).

Isabel Ortiz (11): Sleeping, catching up with my TV shows and creating art.

Shelby Sellers (11): I’m looking forward to sleeping, obviously- and watching Netflix and drinking hot chocolate.

Carolyn Tran (11): I’m looking forward to just doing nothing and spending time with friends and family.

Janice Badua (11): I’m looking forward to giving gifts and seeing my family!

Tiffany Nguyen (11): Sleep, eat, relax, and do homework.

Long Lau (11): My plans are: studying, sleeping, eating, and going on vacation.

Elena Lee (11): SLEEP.

Jamie Gonzalez (12): I plan on doing my laundry, I’m out of underwear!

Piper Simpson (12): I’m looking forward to the snow with my boyfriends, it’s going to be my first Christmas with him and i’m pretty excited.

Riley Farias (11): I plan to go snowboarding and skiing while enjoying time with my family.

Maliza Lemus (11): I plan on sleeping in and enjoying the holidays with my family.

Melvin Bautista (11): I’m going to Vegas! It’s going to be my first time and I have no idea what to expect.

Xina Tran (12): This winter break I plan on visiting my mom’s side in Minnesota and playing in the snow with my little cousins!

Chris Huynh (12): I don’t have any plans..

April Tran (12): I plan on starting my private university applications and selling my soul for an acceptance letter.

(By Vivian Daravong)