The Most Romantic Places to Be


Natalie Luu (11): In someone’s arms.
Anna Le (11): The way to my heart.
Thien-an Do (12): McDonalds.
Thomas Hoang (11): A place you haven’t been before.
Jocelyn Diaz (11): On a meme page.
Marissa Ruelas (11): At home with a heart shaped pizza.
Ricky Gomez (11): On a boat going across the beach and staring into the sparkling water with the one you love the most.
Emily Rodriguez (11): With the one I love the most.
Brenda Salas (11): On my couch eating ice cream.
Miss Ortega: Eating homemade food and spending quality time together because celebrating doesn’t always mean going out.
Christabelle Hernandez (11): On the beach watching the sunset.
Christina Nguyen (11): Rollerskating during the day and then have a picnic on a hilltop under the stars.
Jacob Payan (11): Anywhere my Baby Girl’s at because all I need is her.
Britney Hoang (9): An arcade place because with a significant other you can spend time together playing games and be competitive.
Ana Avelarde (10): Going out to eat since you can get to know each more as you eat.
Alexander Nguyen (10): Irvine Spectrum because there’s a Ferris Wheel and many shops that you can buy your love ones.
Saliva Estrada (11): Hiking early in the morning and watching the sun rise at a nice view because it’s beautiful and natural.
Katlin Ruiz (10): Anywhere with your significant other is romantic but if I would chose a place it would have to be underneath a cherry blossom tree.
Jennifer Truong(10): The Aquarium.
Jackie Nguyen(10): Anywhere with you.
Katherine VVu(10): Home because it’s the time spent together that matters not the location.
Brady Cho(10): Idk, I’m not romantic.
Jane Huynh(10): In bed with my Kdrama.
Aaron Dinh(10): Tastea at night and movies.
Matt Nguyen(10): LACMA and I’d tell her the lights are almost as pretty as her.
Anthony Tran(10): Your Valentine’s house because it’s private.
Loc Vu(10): My house because I have Netflix, popcorn, and a blanket : all you need for a perfect date.
Jason Tran(10): School because ham hoc only.
Tran Nguyen(10): The park because not only can you admire the beauty of nature but also your mans.
Emily Pham(9): A planetarium because you’re a star.
Giselle Garcia (12): My grandma’s house because she’s the only one that loves me.
Katy Victoria (12): Together!
Mariah Musni (12): My bed because me love self.
Dalia Castrejon (12): Disneyland because it just seems like a very cute place to go.
Gisell Nava (12): For Valentine’s Day I’m taking my date to Orange Hill and Camelot after.
Ellen Bui (12): I think it would be romantic to go on a date to the movies because it allows two people to be close and enjoy quality time.
Alexis Dang (12): Going to the beach, then go on a late night cruise! It allows them to get to know each other and why not?
Nathan Bonifacio (12): A buffet because who doesn’t love food?
Andrea Corrigan (12): At the movies with your best friend snacking out on Hot Cheetos.
Emily Ta (12): Ever heard of McDonald’s 50 nuggets for $10 deal?
Diane Ngo (12): In the bathroom, standing in front of the mirror with a double double in my hand.
Tanya Nguyen (12): Going to the top of the world at 4AM to watch the sunrise.
Jillian Galang (11): Signal Hill because of the nice view.
Christine Vu (10): Anywhere as long as they’re with their babe.
Victoria Pham (10): My bed because it provides me with warmth.
Emily Nguyen (10): Raising Canes because their Texas Toast is bomb.
Diana Vo (10): McDonald’s because it’s cheap and unhealthy.
Mindy Nguyen (10): A hike trail while the sun sets because there’s no crown ruining my vibe.
Jane Huynh (10): In bed crying.
Andrew Nguyen (10): The beach because it’s relaxing and couples can eat ice cream together, hold hands down the pier, walking slowly, talking about their futures and dreams.