UNICEF, the United Nations Children’s Fund, is one of the many clubs on our campus that provides service to the community and encourages students to make an impact in the world. UNICEF’s main focus is to unite and help fight for children’s rights and promote the equal rights of women and girls. Many children worldwide, especially in third world countries, suffer from malnutrition and the lack of basic needs, and UNICEF wants to raise awareness and educate members about its cause. UNICEF doesn’t solely focus on community service; part of the club’s mission is also to raise money so that it can be donated to help children in need.

Last year UNICEF raised over $1500, and this year’s goal is $3000. You might be thinking how is a small-scale high school club going to raise such are a large amount? The committed and dedicated club officers and members are the key to UNICEF’s success. Members and officers sacrifice their time, sleep, and weekends to hold bake sales, provide community service, and fundraise, fundraise, and fundraise! UNICEF offers its members a chance to participate in events/fundraisers such as Trick-or-Treat UNICEF, Walk for Alzheimer’s, Red Hand Day, Tap Project, and many more. Members who show their commitment to the club by completing club hours go to the end of the year banquet at Buffalo Wild Wings where they can appease their appetites with endless wings.

ICC representative, Haley Chu (12), says, “People should join UNICEF. It’s a great club with a great cause that everyone should take the time to learn about. Before I joined the club, I was unaware of the situations and problems that children in third-world countries were facing day to day.”

It is greatly encouraged that students on campus get involved, and one of the best ways to do so is to join clubs. Why not choose UNICEF and help make the world a better place?