Unanimous Superior Legacy Continues!

      On the night of January 17th, GGHS’ Chamber Orchestra took their passion for music into the SCSBOA (Southern California School Band and Orchestra Association) festival. They came out to represent GGHS and beautifully performed “Holberg’s Suite” by Edvard Grieg. Despite their challenges, countless days of practices and perseverance finally paid off. We’d like to congratulate the Chamber Orchestra for winning Unanimous Superior, the possible highest rank to earn.

      Elaine Le (12), who has been in orchestra for four years comments, “Winning that Unanimous Superior made my last year in chamber orchestra complete. I feel so honored that we were able to continue our legacy. We faced many challenges a week prior to competition with team work and excelling in our performance. However, we managed to pull through all our struggles and reunited as a family and played together as a team. I am so proud of each and every one of them. They make saying goodbye harder than it needs to be in my last few months here at GGHS. I love them so dearly.”

      Not only did this experience give the orchestra students a chance to grow musically, it also gave them a chance to grow closer. Kathleen Nguyen (11) expresses, “Well, to start off, it was almost like an underdog moment for all of us. We had high hopes to continue our streak of superior ratings, but we didn’t really think we would get it. Our conductor and section leaders put in so much hard work to get everyone on top of their game, and I couldn’t have been prouder of this group for how far they’ve come. After hours, days, months of rehearsing, we finally did it. We put our hearts and souls were out there on that stage one last time this season. It was a make or break moment, and we managed to pull through.” Chamber Orchestra went through a successful season and are looking forward until next year for “another great year of orchestra, and getting another unanimous superior.” Thomas Nguyen (10).