Thomas Chu and Bryan Tang: Doubles League Champions!

Once again, Garden Grove High School has created League Champions of GGUSD. Thomas Chu (12) and Bryan Tang (12) have deserved this long overdue title. Going back to last year, Thomas and Bryan made into finals, but had a bad day and lost to the same team they played this year. This season, also making it into finals they faced up against the notorious Ryan Nguyen and Teddy Nguyen from La Quinta, the previous league champions.

Thomas and Bryan have been doubles partners for the #1 doubles spot on our team for two years in a row. They always practice hard to figure out new shots and work on improving. Bryan adds, “After losing two tiebreakers to them during season, we used it as motivation to clean up our game. We picked pieces of our weaknesses and worked on them, and then finally during Finals, we just had to execute.” This team from La Quinta was the only doubles team they lost to during season, so it was going to be tough to overcome them during finals.

In finals, the first set they played ended (7-5) in a close one. The second set had everyone on the edge of their sets. As the opposing team served, Thomas swiftly hit a cross court shot right in the alley, making it the winning shot. They are the doubles League Champions. Tiffany Huynh (10), the 2017 singles League Champion comments, “I think they deserved to win and at the game they needed it most, they pulled it together and won.” Congratulations!!

Going back to season, Thomas and Bryan would like to share their favorite moments during season. Bryan’s was “playing against Bolsa Grande because we played some good tennis there! And then we went to Laguna Niguel to celebrate.” As for Thomas, his favorite moment was winning a bet for hitting a player when volleying. Bryan reflects, “After finally winning league champs, it feels amazing that all the work Thomas and I had done had finally paid off. We both wanted this win really badly this year and had been working all year for it.” You certainly deserved

The school is so proud of you guys, Thomas and Bryan! No one deserves it as much as you two. Constantly at practice, either running or drilling they were preparing for this very moment, to have the League Champion title. Congratulations again and never give up on tennis!