The Young Performer: Angeline Nguyen (10)

A project in front of peers can be stressful. Your legs quiver, arms begin fiddling, your voice becomes shaky. It takes courage and practice to be confident with your skills. But for Angeline Nguyen (10), that practice began 10 years ago when she was 4 years old. She began as a young singer who realized her love for performing, which led on to the development of skills in figure skating, piano, violin, and musical theater.
Angeline’s dedication goes to extent of attending morning practice at 3 A.M for figure skating and practicing for hours on her piano and violin. She’s constantly thinking of how to strategically plan out her schedule so she can balance her school life and hobbies. She shares, “I really don’t see these things as burdens because at the end of the day, they’re all things that I love doing.” Although her life is filled with classes, homework, and drama, she manages to create space for activities that bring her joy.
As a child, Angeline has always loved being in the limelight. She says, “I love that when I’m onstage, people don’t see me as ‘Angeline’, they just see me as whatever I’m performing as.” In a way, she relishes how she can transform into a completely new person as a performer. Everyone who knows her, knows the amount of effort Angeline puts forth in her hobbies. Daisy Nguyen(10) and Celeste Nguyen(10), whom are both close friends of Angeline, shared, ”She is constantly practicing and devotes all her time into it”, and rambles on about how she’d “still have enough energy to call me and play minecraft after practice.” Although dedicated to her art, she manages to find time for herself and her friends.
Despite the constant stress and sacrifices she has to make, Angeline doesn’t regret any second she’s dedicated into pursuing what makes her happy. “I’ve developed confidence in myself and learned that my voice matters,” she reflects. At the end of the day, all of the trophies she’s earned in exchange for extra sleep, time with friends, or free time, are truly worth it.