The Sport on the Side Lines: Miana Nguyen (12)

We have all heard of the critique concerning Cheer not practicing as much as other sports like football, basketball, soccer, and other traditional sports. Miana Nguyen, a senior in GGHS Cheer, says otherwise. She explains, “Just like any other sport, we have many practices and work as a team to accomplish our goals. Cheer is not an individual sport, but is always about teamwork.” The cheerleaders begin their practices off every day by running warm-up laps, then stunting and conditioning. Throughout the year, Grove cheerleaders have performed in numerous school and sport events. They took part in Pep rallies, lunch assemblies, and at games.

Miana grew interested in the sport at age eleven, when she had encountered GGHS cheerleaders practicing. Miana describes that “watching these girls work as a team and trust each other was exhilarating.” From then on she started by enrolling herself into an all star cheerleading team and her Boys and Girls Club cheer team. The first time trying out for GGHS cheer, Miana was frightened and nervous, but she did have moral support from the friends she had newly made. “I was shocked and excited to start Cheer with my new best friends. I felt proud that I could support the school with spirit.”

Recently Miana was able to land a spot into a national cheer team because of a friend from GGHS Cheer. She will be traveling to Las Vegas to compete in the nationals. With many cheerleading teams from all over coming United States, Miana hopes to at least place in the nationals. She can’t wait to be able to bond more with the team over the weekend and to compete in nationals for the first time.

Miana proudly states, “ Once I graduate from high school, I will miss the bonding activities and the friends I had made through Cheer. Cheer has taught me that teamwork really does make the dream work.”