The Significance of a Parent’s Involvement in their Child’s Education: 10 Educational Commandments

Parents play a vital role in their child’s education, all the way from preschool to when the child finally walks down that graduation aisle on the last day of high school. In order to give their child the best chance of accomplishing great things in life, parents need to encourage and support their kid through their academic challenges. The 10 Educational Commandments, started by Ms. Trinidad, is an educational program that helps parents become involved in their student’s schooling. It offers courses in teaching parents the A-G requirements, making college affordable, and scholarships, just to name a few. How do the 10 Educational Commandments assist parents with their child’s education? Ms. Trinidad states, “The program helps parents become more aware about their child’s grades and what is expected from their student at school, especially the ones struggling.”

One of the main things the program pushes is that the problem isn’t parents not understanding the material their children come home with, but rather how much they encourage their children to succeed in school. Involvement and support go a long way. However, volunteering at every school event and becoming the PTA president isn’t required for a parent to help their child benefit from school. By getting involved with their child’s education, parents help their children improve academically and socially. “I didn’t really understand how high school worked and how my kid was going to go through college until I started attending the 10 Educational Commandment classes,” one parent shared, praising the program “as a real help to my child’s education.”

After a month of lessons about their students’ education, the parents put together a potluck for the final day of the program, bringing in pizza, sweets, and much more. Ms. Trac, the assistant principal heading the event, began the ceremony and handed out recognition awards to all the parents who completed the rigorous course. Each parent was recognized alongside their student, receiving an ovation with the award. Ms. Phuong, Ms. Trinidad, and Ms. Magaly, the language liaisons, concluded the ceremony and invited everyone to dig in. At the end of the event, both parents and students were left feeling accomplished (and full!)