The Road to Pharmacy School: Franklin Tran, Class of 2015

Franklin Tran, a graduate of the class 2015, has had his heart set on pharmacy school throughout high school and currently attends University of the Pacific. Although the school year has only begun, he shares how time consuming his classes are “compared to the first couple years of college and high school.” With the constant worrying of his parents on his shoulders, he’s made his way through high school and now is onto college.

Throughout high school, Franklin has always struggled with keeping high grades. Since his parents invested so much into his education, he didn’t want to be responsible for failing them “at the final stretch.” Despite their high expectations of his grades, his parents are the most important people in his life, especially his mom. She’s always by his side, “on top of everything [he does] and is pretty much [his] personal life manager and coach.” Other than his mother, Denzel Queves and club involvements also have made a remarkable impact on shaping Franklin. Franklin shared,”Denzel’s kindness to strangers and friends has inspired me to be much nicer to others and hopefully make a personal impact on their lives.” He continued onto how clubs such as Key club and NHS, have helped him “get out of his shell and feel comfortable meeting other people inside and outside of college.”

Franklin had worked hard and survived high school. He had his goals set on pharmacy school but he wasn’t accepted right away– He said ,”they admitted me to pharmacy school after 3 years of undergrad.” To him, this “was an opportunity [he] couldn’t pass up.”

With Franklin in pharmacy school, fulfilling his aspirations, he only has a few more years to go before he becomes a pharmacist.