The Mighty Argos Ends the Season Off Strong



On Football’s second round of CIF, our Mighty Argos put on an incredible fight, but fell to Silverado, (20-35). High spirits galore and encouraging cheers were shouted from the crowd as Brandon Coleman (12) started off the night with a touchdown catch from Jacob Zazueta (12). Shortly after, Cristian Marquez (12) came along with a successful 40 yard sprint to touchdown. Their opponent, Silverado, scored a touchdown and another with 2:29 left in second Quarter, but our boys continued to power through while Dominik Sanchez (12) added a 40 yard dash towards the end zone.


 This put the Argos in the lead with a score of (20-14). After second quarter, the Boys struggled with 55 seconds left in the game, (20-35). Our Mighty Argos faced a defeat by Silverado, but their pride of making it to Quarterfinals still stood within them. Cheering on the sidelines, former AP Ms. Weber came out to the stadium that night and shares, “I’m a big fan of Football and it feels excellent coming back to see the boys doing well this season.” Playing his last time with the team, Cristian Marquez later expresses how proud he is that the boys “all improved from the start of the season and have grown into a family where we’ve got each others backs.” Congratulations on making it to Quarterfinals and playing a great season Argos!