The Luckiest Man You’ll Ever Meet: Mr. Lunow

Anyone who’s ventured beyond the comforts of his or her ordinary life can affirm that travelling to new places and locations isn’t just a check off your bucket list — it’s something that entirely changes you as a person. Travelling opens up your eyes to view the world from a new perspective as you experience an array of diverse cultures around the globe. Whether the trip is a short drive down to Mexico for the weekend or a long trek through Asia in the summer, travelling gives you a chance to discover who you are. You might even meet the love of your life, as Mr. Lunow did as a globetrotter. For many people, hopping on a flight and flying halfway around the world isn’t the easiest thing to do, but for Mr. Lunow, who’s been to more than 55 countries, it’s what has made him “the luckiest man you’ll ever meet.”

As a young boy who watched James Bond films, he wanted to travel and see the world like a secret spy, taking in all of the diverse cultures. After Mr. Lunow finished his schooling in South Africa, he flew out to the Netherlands and spent a couple of years living with his family, finally getting a taste of the European culture for himself. He then scrounged up his life savings during his time in Europe with family and set out on a journey around the globe to finally fulfill his childhood dream at the age of 21. Since leaving, he’s been to the Louvre in Paris, ran with the bulls in Pamplona, Cambodia to see Angkor Wat, India, and surf in Australia, just to name a few locations.

Since Mr. Lunow was born in Capetown, South Africa, it’s odd to think that his journey around the globe would eventually end with him settling and teaching in Garden Grove, California, of all places. Not only does travelling give you the chance to experience new cultures and reflect on yourself, it also opens you up to meeting new people — even your future wife, which is just one of Mr. Lunow’s captivating traveling stories. He met his wife while surfing in Australia. From there on, “[they] lived in Asia for 2 years, got engaged in Paris, and married on the boat used in the James Bond film, Octopussy in India”, topping it all off with “a six-month-long honeymoon through South and Southeast Asia.” Mr. Lunow never had his mind set on teaching until much later in his life, which may come as a surprise to the students who have been taught by him. When asked about how he winded up teaching in the U.S., he claimed that his wife, who was already a teacher at the time, introduced him to the teaching career when they “…began teaching English in Taiwan for 2 years. I really enjoyed it, so when we came to California, I decided to get my teaching credentials. History has always fascinated me, so I pursued it.”

Travelling has allowed Mr. Lunow to “open [his] eyes and appreciate what he [has] in life.” He encourages everyone who has the chance to travel to take that leap and make memories for themselves. For people that want to take that opportunity to travel, he recommends starting small and maybe even “travel within the U.S.” which is already an incredibly diverse country. “You can work your way up from there to places where you won’t have as much of a culture shock. Travel so

mewhere familiar and then go onto more ambitious places like India or Sub-Saharan Africa.”