Thanksgiving Survey


               You know it’s autumn when the days get shorter and nights grow longer. You feel a cold breeze slipping in your bedroom window and smell sweet pumpkin pie, turkey, and eggnog in the cold, refreshing air. You sigh with content because this can only mean one thing: Thanksgiving. Every typical Thanksgiving day, your family comes over to feast on the scrumptious food your mother made. But what if you could invite someone else for this special day?? Johnny Depp? Your long lost best friend? If you could invite someone over for Thanksgiving who would it be and why ?   

Christina Nhan (10): I would invite lots of and lots of dogs because if it was just cats, it would be RUFF!

Nathan Tran (10): Lava Ball, Lamelo Ball, Liangelo Ball, and Lonzo Ball because ball is life.

Jennifer Huynh (12): My friend Danny Quach because he has a passion for food so I won’t have to eat leftovers the next day.

Edouard Phan (11): Morgan Freeman because I’d want him to narrate myself eating.

Vincent Pham (11): I would invite Darth Vader over to talk about politics of the Galaxy and to plan global domination over mashed potatoes.

Sarah Pham (11): Justin Bieber, because Thanksgiving is the perfect time to tell him that we’ve been dating for the past 8 years.

Christina Le (10): Angelina Jolie so I can ask her to adopt me.

Austin Nguyen (11): You.

Aaron Nguyen (10): Jesus.

Kim Vuong (9): Post Malone so he won’t be m(alone) anymore.

Andrew Nguyen (10): I would invite my girlfriend, if I had one.

Jason Tran (10): Lavar Ball because he’s a real big baller and he’s the goat.

Khang Pham (12):  I would like to invite Tung Pham (12) because he’s my hero <3.

Vivian Le (11): Obama because i miss him.

Coco Ortega (12): I would invite my friends to hang out and have Thanksgiving together!

Anonymous: Friends because I am thankful for them.

Veronica Ruvalcaba (11): I would like to invite best friend Karen Cruz (11) because we are already like family and we do everything like we were sisters.
Jennifer Huynh (12): No one so there’d be more food for me.

Caden Pham(12): Angela Nguyen because she’s cool.

David Vo (10): Jonathan’s sister because I’m thankful for the opportunity they provide me for being Jon’s brother in law.

Benjamin Vu (9): Brandon Vu because he’s my bestie and he makes everything fun.

Alex tran (9): Lil pump for his clout.

Chi Vu (10): Oprah because I look up to her a lot and I wanna get to know her.

Ian Buerano(10): My girlfriend because I love her.

Megan Vien (11): Totally RENEE AND ANGELA.

Cassie Nguyen (10): My boyfriend because I never get to spend holidays with him.

Lesley Pham (9): Harry Styles because I love him and I won’t even need a turkey, he can just sing to me.

David tran (10): My cousin Trang. She’s never been to Cali and I haven’t seen her in a while.

Tracy Ngo (10): My friend Jae from a different school because he’s cute and I wanna feed him.

Julie Phan (10): Dan Thanh Nguyen because her forehead never fails to brighten up my day.

Silvia Estrada (11): Gordon Ramsay because well …. It’s Gordon Ramsay.

Miana Nguyen (12): Guy Fieri because he knows how to cook.

Keyla Rafael (10): My family in Mexico because I haven’t seen them in years and I miss them.

Lily Doan (10): My cousins because they are cool and can make boba.

Sonnianne Pham (11): No one so there’s more food for me.

Jennifer Dang (12): All of my friends’ dogs so it’ll be more fun.

Howi Correa (12): I would invite my older brother so we can get lit.

Jessica Lindsay (12): I would invite Mr. Girard over for Thanksgiving because I want to see how much he would eat. That guy likes food a lot.

Andrea Gonzalez (12): I’d invite a bunch of famous chefs to cook for me.

Favio Gonzalez (12): I’d invite Riley ‘cause he’s awesome.

Riley F. (12): I’d invite my best friend James because he’s my best friend and we do everything together.

Alma Contreras (12): I would invite Gordon Ramsay so he can look for the lamb sauce.

Kelly Chau (12): I would bring over Andrea Corrigan and Diane Ngo because they know how to eat.

Danny Tran (12): I would bring over Vivian Daravong because she’s cool and my mom can make some good turkey.

Evelyn Diaz (11): If I could invite someone over for Thanksgiving I’d invite Jonah Hill because he’s friggin’ hilarious, so he’d lighten up the environment.

Emily Dinh (11): I would invite Gordon Ramsey because he’ll roast my cooking, then cook dinner.

Jonathan Guzmán (11): I’d invite Gordon Ramsey because he wouldn’t forget the lamb sauce.

Kellie Bendezú (11): Oprah because I can ask her to adopt me.

Paola Velazquez (12): Ms. Alba because I love her.

Lizette Mojica (11): I would invite Pablo Escobar because he’s hilarious.

Johan Silva (11): I’d invite Messi because he’s my idol.

Edgar Navarrete (11): I’d invite Lady Gaga because she has inspired me to be myself and to follow my dreams.

Samantha Gonzalez (11): I would invite my grandma because she makes some bomb pozote.

Uyen Le (10): I would invite Chris Ortiz because he’s a life of the party. We all love Chris.

Jordan Nguyen (10): I would invite myself because that’s how lonely I am.

Katie Tran (9): I would invite my 12 year old cousin because he barely eats so I can get most of the food.

Britney Ho (10): I would invite Shawn Mendes to my Thanksgiving dinner because why wouldn’t I invite my husband?

Jonathan Huynh (10): I would invite all my close friends because we all know how to get lit.

Gina Nguyen (10): I would invite my grandma or host it at her house and invite friends because we’d get lit and eat good food at the same time.

Ngoc Hong (10): I would invite my classmates.

Nancy Le (10): I’d invite all my close friends, Shawn Mendes, and Khalid because they’d all be the life of the party.

John Nguyen (11): I would invite Thomas Lai because he seems cool and I like him.

Michelle Tran (10): Our lord savior Jesus because he’s an apple.

Alvin Jin (10): I would invite my grandma because I haven’t seen her in years and want to catch up.

Christian Le (9): I would invite John P. Nguyen because he is a very comedic person and there are no such things as an awkward conversation with him.

Amy Trinh (9): I would invite Nghi Pham because she is very fun to be around and she makes events more enjoyable.

Sebastian Castro (11): I would invite Shaq because he would liven up the table and he would bring some good soul food.

Thomas Vu (11): I would bring myself because I have no friends.

Jeanette Nguyen (11): I would invite anybody who can cook a feast because I have to eat somehow.

Minh Tran (9): I would invite someone that’s good at jokes because no one in my family is funny, including me.

Thanh Pham (9): I’d invite my boyfriend so we could hang out.

Jacqueline Nguyen( 10): My grandma because I love her.

Aaron Nguyen (10): Nobody because I want all the food for myself.

Deja Nicart(10): No one because I hate everyone, including myself.

Carmen Bravo (10): My sister because I haven’t seen her since I was born.

Sofia Gaviola (10): My friends because my family is boring.

Isaac Barrera (9): My grandma because she’s part of my family.

Alexa Angel (9): I would invite my sister because she is my best friend.

Susana Rodriguez (9): I’d invite my whole family, and friends, because there they’re the type of people i know I’ll have fun with.

Chris Disler (9): I’d invite Eleven, Will, Max, Dustin, Lucas, and Mike from Stranger Things.

Drake Anzai (9): I’d invite family and friends, as it is the holiday season, and it is the time for family and friends.

Anonymous: I would invite my mom over because she probably cooked the meal.  But the thing is which mom? I call so many people my mom at this school.

Trinh Vo (12): I would invite the first ever people who had the thanksgiving feast if I could because I want to see how festive it was compared to our portrayal of it now.

Martin Tran (12): I would invite my family and friends because they are the people who I am thankful for the most.

Vy Nguyen (11): I would invite Jesus so I can ask him to raise up my grades.

John Nguyen (11): If I were to invite someone to Thanksgiving, I’d invite Christopher Sterling because he’s cute.

Selina Huynh (12): Mr. Holguin because he’s so cool!

Kyle Dang (11): Anna because she would roast the thanks out of me for thanksgiving.

Vivian Tran (11): Hands down, I would invite BTS over for Thanksgiving. Who doesn’t love cute guys?

Tiffany Nguyen (11): I would invite the original pilgrims so they can see how the holiday is still celebrated hundreds of years later.

Natalie Luu (11): Adele.

Jennifer Pham (11): Any and every dog because dogs are great!

Keri Tate (12): I would invite over Hermione Granger because, like, I would just invite her over for anything.

Donna Nguyen (11): Jesus because I love Jesus!

Kayla Ruvalcaba (11): One of my closest friends that recently moved away because i don’t get to see her that often any more.

Natalie Nguyen (10): I would invite my friends over because they’re really weird people.

Minh Nhu Tran (11): I’d invite Santa over so he thinks I’m a good person.

Tiffany Vu (11): I would invite a turkey to the party.

Chloe Tran (10): The neighborhood cats.

Kimberly Alvarez (11): Kendrick Lamar and 21 Savage because they’re my favorite rappers!

Vicky Hoang (10): I would invite my cousin’s dogs over because I haven’t seen them in forever!

Diane Tran (11): My friends.

Anna Le (11): I would invite my bed but it’s antisocial.

Dennis Nguyen (11): All of you guys because friends > family.

Jason Guere (12): I would invite a genie to grant my 3 wishes.

Jose Garcia (11): I would invite my grandmother since she lives in Mexico and I would like to spend Thanksgiving with her.

Anthony Sebbo (11): I would invite Mr. Griffin because he’s super chill.

Jay Sales (12): I would invite my Dad when he comes back from the store.

Matthew Resendiz (12): I would invite Mr. Luong because he’s funny and would be entertaining.

Cynthia Reveres (12): I would invite Zac Efron because he would be nice to look at.

Jaylyn Sales (11): I would invite Ronald McDonald so he can bring me chicken nuggets.

Alison Rico (11): I would invite Mr. Potato Head so I could make mashed potatoes.

Cindy (11): I would invite Obama because he would be a great dinner guest.

Allen Nguyen (11): I would invite dead relatives to discover the past.

Natalia Velez (12): Selena Quintanilla because she seems like a person who would be easy to get along with.

Jessie Talingo (12): Bobby Flay because he would cook up a bomb meal.

Christine Vu (10): Stephen Curry’s wife, Ayesha, because I know she would make a delicious Thanksgiving meal.

Tony Menh (12): Jay Park because he seems chill to hangout with.

Lizbeth Ortiz (12): Selena Gomez because she’s such a pretty role model.

Long Lau (12): Natalia Dyer because she’s my celebrity crush.

Dylan Le (12): Dahyum because she is super kind and comedic on TV so it would make our date enjoyable.

Kevin Vuong (12): Ariana Grande because she’s a vegetarian.

Gene Pham (12): Djokovic because he is funny and not as serious as other top tennis players.

Mindy Nguyen (10): Sierra Furtado because she seems down to earth and fun to be around.

Kelly Chau (12): Kim K because her dinners are boujee.

Jocelyn Reyes (12): Johnny Depp because he’s GORGEOUS.

Julie Phan (10): Amelia Earhart because I’ve always wanted to know what hapened to her.