Ted Talk: Angélica Dass – The beauty of human skin in every color

The photography of Angélica Dass has those who see her work thinking about how we see the color of skin and different ethnicities. Discriminated against when she was younger, Dass wants to change what she experienced long ago by beginning a project to let people see the different skin tones in humans in a different way. This experience was her first step on her way to becoming a photographer. “Humanæ” is a project Dass created to document humanity’s true colors rather than the color labels associated with race. In this project, she portrays her subject in a white background, chooses an eleven-pixel square from their noses, paints the background, and then looks for the corresponding color in the industrial palettes, Pantone. At first, she begins with her family members and her friends, but soon reaches out to other people through the power of social media. Humanæ received a great welcome and soon fostered a popular debate, creating a feeling of community publicly in the street. Many people shared their appreciation of Dass’s project by stating how they are thankful that her photos are without a lot of stereotypical influences. With these touching and unexpected reactions, she knew that her project inspired new life in a variety of fields. As a photographer and as an individual, Dass has found way to communicate around the world, working to abolish discrimination through her project Humanæ. Alone, prejudice will not disappear by itself, but with the help and practice of others, it’s possible.