Teachers’ Eats: Ms.Tran and Ms.Alba

MTEatsHave no plans for the upcoming Thanksgiving break? Too busy to cook up a feast? Ms. Alba and Ms. Tran’s favorite dishes will set your plates for the holidays.

For the Vietnamese food lovers, check out Brodard Restaurant on Westminster and Brookhurst because it offers a “variety of good food choices.” Ms. Tran recommends the nem nuong and banh xeo (grilled pork roll and Vietnamese crepe).

Besides these dishes, Ms. Tran also recommends eating at any dim sum, Korean BBQ, or buffet restaurants.

Some of her favorite drinks are coconut and sugarcane juice, which you can get at any Vietnamese restaurant or Costco, and some of her favorite foods are Japanese Shabu and sushi/sashimi.


If you are not craving Vietnamese food, Ms. Alba is confident that anyone will enjoy a visit to Il Dolce Pizzeria, on the corner of 19th and Harbor Street. It serves numerous dishes from soup, to pasta, to pizza, and steak.

Maybe you want to have a fish taco night with some friends. Ms. Alba recommends fish tacos at Cotijas and mole at “ a truly Oaxacan Restaurant.”

As a result of many nights eating out with her family, Ms. Alba has compiled a list of her many favorite dishes and restaurants in the area: healthy food at Greenleaf, cheap chicken to

rtilla soup at Wahoo’s, tacos at Corazon, Italian dishes at Nick’s Pizza, Argentinean food at Pasta Connection, Thai dishes at George’s Thai Bistro, watermelon cucumber smoothies at Cancun Juice, and pho (beef noodle soup) at Lotus Cafe.

With all these great restaurants that you’ll definitely have to visit, there’s no need to stress about meal prep over this Thanksgiving break.