Teacher Love Advice

High school high school high school, a very difficult time in an adolescent’s lives. With studying and tests layered on top of trying to find YOUR LIFELONG PARTNER– it’s been quite a journey. A true mystery. Wow, why would they create such obstacles when the goal of high school is obviously to find your one true pairing?

And hmm, on this conquest, who are we to look to for guidance? In all great adventure games there are wise grandma’s or an inanimate object that speaks like Yoda; for our campus, we have TEACHERS. The guardians of knowledge and in this case, love connoisseurs– they can be found in various rooms, hallways to the copy room, and perhaps waiting in line for the bathroom during break. Wherever it may be, we may look to them for advice.


Mrs. Cardoza (521): If your mother and your friends don’t like them, don’t do it. You can’t trust yourself in love.

Mr. Shahrestani (350): The Shahrestani Law: Don’t date until you’re 25. Okay fine, don’t date INTIMATELY until you’re at least 25.

When you do encounter a nice person, these are some phrases or lines that will help you:

> Did it hurt? When you fell from heaven?

> Are you tired? Because you’ve been running on my mind all night. (**TAKE NOTE IT’S NIGHT, NOT DAY– IF IT WAS DAY, SHE’S GONNA THINK YOU’RE SITTING ON YOUR BUTT DAYDREAMING WITH NO JOB.**)

Mr. Luong (225): Don’t mingle, stay single.

Your first concern should be grades– everything else comes after that.

Mr. Kim (321): Relax. Don’t do it. When you want to go to it.

Mr. Henninger (323): Love– get as much of it as you can.