Taking An Art Class: Creating A New You

Growing up, art was probably most people’s favorite subject. In elementary and middle school, we took nonacademic classes, like art, without much concern about how it’ll look on our transcript.. However, upon entering high school, many of us have little regard for art classes altogether; we forget about it until senior year when we need fine arts credits to graduate. Worried about getting into a competitive college, we push anything nonacademic aside and take as many AP classes as possible to boost our GPAs. Students often find themselves drowning in work that they have no passion or interest in. Although not everyone will find their true calling in art, high school art classes are opportunities to exercise creativity.

Going into an art class, you’ll most likely feel intimidated by the students around you. Not only are there experienced and naturally talented artists to compare yourself to, there are also friends who are quick to “playfully” judge your work. It’s definitely hard to put yourself out there and anticipate the reactions from everyone, but that’s the whole point of art. Eventually, one day or another, you’re going to have to put yourself out there, and presenting your artwork in class can be a great start. “Everyone is capable of doing something, you just need self confidence to express it,” says Ms. Zahm, one of the Exploratory Art teachers.

Everyone learns something from art, and all the art teachers on campus hope that their students learn to look at the world through a different perspective. Nicole Mapaye (12), who has done art for all four years of high school, says that she owes a lot to art. Nicole says that, “ Art helped me learn to have patience and how to express myself creatively… helping me get out of my comfort zone and let my imagination come to life, build self-esteem and made me realize my own worth.” By only focusing on the academics, we’ve learned to look at the world in a linear perspective. However, the world around us doesn’t have a linear outline. The Earth is full of creative people with amazing ideas, and it’s important to have an open mind. It would overall be better to learn how to solve problems with creativity and commitment, which you are able to build upon by taking an art class.


At first, art is a generally scary subject, but learning how to use creative work and adapt is a necessary skill for the future. Mrs. McManus, the drawing and painting teacher, even says that, “art has made [her] more aware of [her] surroundings… finding an aesthetically pleasing outlook on the variety of life.”  The art teachers look forward to you learning something, even if it’s just one thing. At the end of the day, you may love or hate art, but don’t wait until the very last second to find out.As all of the art teachers have said, “We have a lot of seniors who take an art class senior year, then find it really interesting once they do.” GGHS offers a wide variety of art classes for you to take, such as exploratory art, drawing and painting, ceramics, and AP Studio Art!