Summer To-Do List

Summer: a few months of lazy days, at least slightly reduced stress, and — for those of us lacking plans — intense boredom. It’s easy to fall (sluggishly) into the trap of spending all day in bed or knocked out on the couch, so Argolog is here to provide you with hot suggestions on how to spend your summer days.

  1. Volunteer in your community.
    1. If you feel like you’re doing nothing productive this summer, go to your local library and start talking to the kids in the children’s section. It’s okay if they’re in the middle of storytime. Your story, your wisdom is more important than the Very Hungry Caterpillar’s adventures in Eric Carle’s picture book. Enlighten them with trig derivatives, the average amount of sleep they should expect to get in high school, Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, what senioritis feels like, the New World Order conspiracy, and how many shots of coffee is healthy for you. You’re educating the youth of tomorrow.
  2. Work out.
    1. One sign of a really good workout is when you’re sweating a lot. Sitting under the sun, right on the concrete of your driveway, makes you sweat a lot. This summer, join your friends and just sit on the sidewalk when it’s noontime. It’ll take a while until you start sweating buckets, so bring some chips, ice cream, and all those products with high fructose corn syrup to pass the time. Summer body, here we come. Oh, and if you’re bored of sweating by sitting all day, maybe you should join Garden Grove Summer League sports. The schedule is on the school website.
  3. Scheme how you’ll rule the world.
    1. There’s nothing more worthwhile to invest time into planning than your future dictatorship. How will you tap into your vast amount of power? Who will cut your toenails for you? How many birthday celebrations can you have until people start calling you a snob and plan a coup d’etat to overthrow you? Those are the answers you must seek. You have 3 months to dwell on this.
  4. Be a superhero.
    1. Okay, we know you can’t fly, nor have x-ray vision, nor super speed, nor crazy strength. No, that doesn’t excuse you from letting that person’s trash miss the trash can, or allowing strangers to toss recyclable cans into the waste bin, or leaving the cat stranded on a tree. Go save some lives this summer; you’re doing the whole world a favor.
  5. Find the love of your life.
    1. This is the summer you turn pretty. This is the summer of all summers. This is the summer you meet The One.
  6. Travel.
    1. Expand your horizons by, literally, expanding your horizons. Dredge yourself up and out of the same-ol’, same-ol’ routine in Garden Grove by finding adventure in the great wide somewhere. Lace up your best hiking shoes and venture out! If you’re nervous, try starting small, like trekking out into your backyard, or maybe down the street and back within the safe confines of the sidewalk.
  7. Read.
    1. Summer is the perfect time to sharpen your mind and build up your repertoire of personal knowledge — how else are you going to wow your teachers, peers, and the person taking your order at Subway? If you want something both educational and riveting, try a classic: the Merriam-Webster Dictionary. It covers literally everything; there’s no way that you won’t find at least one part of it interesting.
  8. Be responsible.
    1. Responsibility, as we know it, is entirely a social construct, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t reap the rewards over the summer months. Have you ever played a videogame with a reputation building system? Completing your summer assignments is just like that — except in real life, and it’s for a grade. Ask your teachers or check the “Summer Assignments” page under the academics tab on the GGHS website.
  9. Bring in that cash money.
    1. What summer to-do list is complete without the classic timeless suggestion to start up a lemonade stand? Lemons are relatively cheap, and it’s a small investment for the major profit you’ll be raking in, taking advantage of the heat and people’s propensity to impulsively blow their cash on anything that looks vaguely appetizing. Another solid investment: hire some kids to run your stand for you. Nobody is going to buy from a high schooler. Aren’t you supposed to be doing homework or something?
    2. PHOTO: Almondhaus selling except with cups
  10. Invent something new.
    1. No STEM skills? No problem! The unrelenting need for constant new content and entertainment of the people of our day and age means that your invention — whether it be physical, a dance, a meme, a saying, a song, et cetera — has a much higher chance to make it big. Put yourself out there at the risk of ridicule and irrelevancy!