Summer Eats

Summer. Summer. Summer. Summer. SUMMER. Sounds familiar? It’s just the same ol’ track that has been running through everyone’s head for the past couple of weeks (unless you’re like me and have been telling yourself this in order to get through about every test this year.) The wait is almost over, and it’s my job to make sure you know EXACTLY where to go and what to eat! Want to look super cool and whip out a list of new “hotspots” and then further impress your friends and family by getting the best thing on the menu? You’re reading the right article! This summer, we’ll take you to places you’ve never been and introduce you to gems located just around the corner.



We’re starting close, off of Chapman and Euclid you can be sure to find Los Cotijas Mexican Taco Shop. They take pride in serving “OC’s Best Fish Tacos” and oh, boy, they aren’t kidding. Vivian and I ordered the carne asada nachos and 2 fish tacos for about $15. It was pretty inexpensive for the quality of the food but also very filling. First impression: it’s so good. Compared to other fish tacos like from Rubio’s or Baja Fresh, the fish itself was relatively crunchy on the outside whilst maintaining the moist texture on the inside. It wasn’t soggy and the sauce and the cabbage failed to soak through the corn tortilla too, which is a huge plus. No one likes it when your taco is practically falling apart in one big wet mess.

As for the carne asada nachos, that’s also one big plus. Usually nachos or even carne asada fries from places like Sabrosada tend to get soggy after being left out for a while. However, when we were devouring our fish tacos and taking a couple of pictures along the way, the nachos managed to sit through the entire process and still provide a mean crunch. The beans weren’t overwhelming, and although the carne bits were smaller, this just gave them more of that grilled flavor. It was saltier, but balanced out the guac and sour cream drizzled on top.



Cruising down PCH and want to take a quick stop? You’ll find Ruby’s Shake Shack driving south, so past Corona Del Mar and right before Laguna Beach and also relatively close to Crystal Cove– a cute little trail that takes you down into the beach! Known for their shakes and burgers, the location itself provides a cute balcony view overlooking the coast! The seating is only outside and parking is limited. However, the burgers are hot off the grills and the fries fresh from the fryer. Want to take it slow? I’d recommend getting yourself a vanilla shake. However, the banana shake is all to rave; coupled with a creamy texture and a muted banana flavor, it’s a refreshing way to try something new this summer. Pair this up with an order of fries and you’re ready to take on the world.



Save yourself for dessert! Not into heavy desserts? Settle for a drink instead! Tastea is known for their variety of fruit teas and slushies! Found near Brookhurst and (MCFADDEN?), Vivian and I were craving their OG regular boba which somehow gives off a natural sweet taste but isn’t as potent as the honey boba. Feeling a tea? I would recommend the Peach Me Sweet Tea or Strawberry Ecstasy; Peach me sweet tea has a sweeter and more sour taste due to the peaches and strawberry bits found inside, but strawberry ecstasy has more of a muted strawberry taste. Want something creamy? I would recommend trying the Avocado Avalanche, however if you’re looking for something sweeter I would add lychee jelly and boba! Sounds a bit like overkill but the sweetness from the lychee jelly glazes every sip with a coat of glacé. The summer sun beatin down on ya? SLUSHIES! A personal favorite would be Peach Me Freezie (considering Peach Me Sweet Tea is my all time favorite fruit drink) and Watermelon Heaven is back in season! So come by and get your fix.