Students v Faculty Kick-Off!

On Wednesday, April 26, teachers and students battled it out in the South Gym in the Students v. Faculty Soccer game. The girls were fast but the teachers matched their pace. The game was intense with each side gaining against another.

The team of teachers included Mr. Romero, Ms. Norton, Mr. Luong, Mr. Kim, Mr. Ross, Mr. Lam, amd Mr. Griffin. They showed no mercy, but the girls weren’t going easy on them either. The first half of the game passed by quickly, and according to the audience, the girls were winning (9-6). The teachers, of course, disagreed. Mr. Griffin says, “We went easy on them to improve their psyche for future games. They weren’t way better than us, but their youth trumped us over time.”

There were no official scores kept for the rest of the game, but each side was convinced that they were winning. The teachers would corner the students, trapping them to get the ball. The girls would get closer to the teachers’ goal, but the teachers would quickly defend their post. The girls sitting on the bench were screaming at the students playing to use the trash can to block the teachers. Jessica Arredondo (12), a 4-year soccer player, shares, “It was a really fun experience. The teachers didn’t go easy on us which made it a pretty competitive game. They were a little aggressive, but it only made us play aggressively against them too. We lost track of the score, but I think we took them on.”

The game ended well, with no injuries. Congratulation to the students who scored against the teachers and the teachers who broke the barriers of the students!