Stepping Onto The Courts: Chloe Tran (10)

To others, tennis may just be a sport where you run back and forth while aiming at a tiny green ball. To Chloe Tran (10) however, tennis is a life changer. As soon as she stepped foot onto the blue and green floors, the court became her second home.


Before joining tennis freshman year, Chloe’s never been part of a team nor in a sport. It was like letting go of your parent’s hand when going to your first day of preschool. She feared the inevitable. For the first time, Chloe had teammates and a coach, which adds on the pressure of “responsibilities of winning for them”. Of course, from time to time, Chloe struggles with all the weight on her shoulders, but with the support of her team, she’s learning to turn all the stress to motivation.


Sometimes, we get so caught up in school and we get tangled in the webs of stress and can’t seem to be free. Tennis is Chloe’s escape. When she picks up her racket, “it’s all about tennis, nothing else.” On the courts, there’s no need to worry about homework or family, just tennis. She used to go home and practice on her wall until she was yelled at by her parents to stop.


Chloe’s always finding ways to improve her tennis skills. In fact, her commitment was recognized at her banquet last year where she was rewarded with a plaque for “most dedicated”.


Anyone who knows Chloe Tran knows that she doesn’t let her free time go to waste. Most people would lounge around while watching Netflix, like the old Chloe, but not anymore. Kelvin Nguyen (10), a close friend, shared, “she uses her spare time at home improving her skills”, and “helps newcomers while improving herself as well.” Linda Nguyen, her best friend, is always down around the fall season, also known as tennis season– Sadly, “tennis steals Chloe away” from her. Despite tennis’s time consumption, she still attempts to find time for her friends while balancing school and family as well.


Sometimes, a sport is just a sport, but to Chloe, it’s something more: a home. It’s not only a place of relief but a life changer. Despite the conditioning and endless amount of practice, stepping onto the courts has been one of the best decisions of her life.