So You Think You Can Dance: Emily Nguyen (10)

Dance is an art form which allows dancers to express their unique creativity. With a wide variety of dance styles ranging from slow-tempo ballroom, fast-paced hip hop, and even just flailing your arms around, people have free rein over how they want present themselves. Emily Nguyen, a sophomore, has been dancing for as long as she can remember. As a young girl, she watched dance shows on TV and imitated all of the moves to simply have fun. With time, Emily found herself moving and jiving to the sound of music anytime she heard a beat. Her dancing transformed from a simple hobby into a passion that would encompass Emily’s life.

From an early age, Emily already began to dance. She recalls, “I’ve always been compassionate about dancing ever since I was little. I would twirl, fall, and play around.” However, dancing became especially serious for her when she entered freshman year and started performing in Class of 2020 dances. Emily got her first chance to choreograph her own unique piece during this year’s Homecoming assembly dance, making Class of 2020’s piece “one of her favorite memories of dance.”

Yet Emily hasn’t always had this confidence to dance in front of an audience. She explains that at one point in her dancing career, she had “no motivation and felt that [she] wasn’t even close to being as skilled as other dancers.” She considered dance moves to be “awkward and flimsy.” Nevertheless, through long hours of practice, Emily has refined her dancing and regained the confidence of a star dancer.

To Emily, dancing was more than a little hobby; it allowed her to express her individuality and grow as a person. Dance began as a fun, typical fad and transformed into a fiery passion in her life. Emily leaves new dancers with a piece of advice: “The only way to improve yourself is to keep practicing. I was always discouraged when I told myself, ‘You can’t get better, it’s impossible.’ It is possible. You don’t necessarily need to take classes to ‘improve.’ Just feel it and have fun.”