Single vs. Mingle

Single! Your options are always open. Share with many people. (Kevin Nguyen 11)

Who needs love when you have Calculus. (Kevin Hoang 12)

Single vs Mingle vs Pringle (Eric Thai 12)

Single, ain’t nobody got time to mingle! (Jessica Rangel 11)

Single, girls are scary and so are cooties (Peter Chang 11)

Mingle, it’s hard keeping flies away from my honeypot. (Tristan Nguyen 11)

Mingle! You can spend other people’s money!! (Kevin Nguyen 11)

Single, because having a significant other means having to share pizza with another person and why would you want to do that…(Nina Nguyen 12)

Single, because no one can make fun of your face when you cry (Carolyn Vo 12)

Mingle, because you don’t want to end up forever alone living in your mom’s basement (Cody Tran 12)

Single, because I have chosen the life of a lonely cat lady (Kasey Trieu 12)

Single, because it’s embarrassing when I mingle (Franklin Tran 12)

Single, because silence (Phuc Dao 12)

Mingle, just because I’m single, and that’s that (Kha Tran 10)

Mingle, everyone’s my type (Diane Le 11)

Single, boys have cooties and my mom said that they kill brain cells. (Hana Tran 11)