Sign Up for a Trash Pick-Up, Clubs!

GGHS is our home. We are allowed to thrive and work hard as the campus is always kept clean by our janitors. But have you participated in sustaining the clean environment that our staff has worked so hard to maintain? With the growing number of clubs, ICC commissioners from ASB want to ensure that clubs are upholding their responsibilities to the school, such as trash pick-up. As a reminder to all clubs who have pledged themselves to obligations written on their club contracts, Lynda Bui, an ICC commissioner, shares with us a few words.

“As ICC commissioners, Melissa and I want to ensure that clubs are upholding their responsibilities. Because we support them as a club – as in paperwork, transactions, all those intermediary processes – we want them to, in turn, support the school. Especially because many clubs start becoming inactive as the school year progresses, we want to make sure that every club has activities they can always use as club events. So, we’ve come up with the requirement of 1 trash pick-up or school event per semester. It’s a new requirement, so we’re still figuring out ways to enforce it effectively. As of right now, Melissa and I plan to contact every club president and advisor personally to make sure they are aware of this requirement and also know to submit club minutes for meetings.”

Furthermore, Melissa Corona, another ICC commissioner, believes that “it’s important for us to pick up trash because it shows that we care about our school and want to participate in helping the custodians keep the campus clean. By picking up trash, it shows that clubs are aware of the tight-knit community in our school and that they want to help out in any way they can.”

More information regarding requirements, such as trash pick-ups or minutes submission, can be found on this website at

by Khoa Vu