Showing Her Strut: Tanya Nguyen (12)

The Miss Vietnam of Southern California (MVSC) is a prestigious Vietnamese American Cultural and scholastic pageant hosted by the Union of the Vietnamese Student Associations (UVSA). Demonstrating the Vietnamese American female as a national symbol of beauty and pride is their main focus and is captured physically and internally through poise, grace, intellectual strength, and individuality. This is hosted annually during Tet and other ceremonial events at Tet Festival around Vietnamese New Year.

Being a part of GDPT Lien Hoa, a Buddhist youth group, Tanya Nguyen (12) participated in dance, skits, and fashion shows/pageants. She says, “Every year, around Vietnamese News Year, our GDPT help ceremonial events, I would do the pageant for fun and that was how I grew some confidence to do more.” This was the beginning of Tanya’s passion for scholastic pageants.

Right now, Tanya is participating in an upcoming pageant for Miss Vietnam Southern California. In order to prepare for the pageant, contestants attend a five-hour rehearsal. During the five hours, the pageant directors, pageant moms, and past Royal Court of Miss Vietnam Southern California assist the contestants with advice on how to walk elegantly –especially in the traditional Ao Dai dress– and how to smile at the appropriate timing. Some of the requirements include being between seventeen and twenty-six years old and to be at least part Vietnamese. What they practice most of the time during their rehearsals is with their walking for the evening gown and the Vietnamese dress. On behalf of the Vietnamese community, Tanya also has to learn how to properly speak in front of an audience. She can’t wait for the Miss Vietnam of Southern California pageant!