Shooting for the Stars: Howard Trinh (10)

At one point in our lives, we’ve all heard of astronomy, the study of the universe as a whole. For Howard Trinh, a sophomore at GGHS, astronomy already seems to be a potential path to his future.


It all started when he was a kid and had “a model of the solar system in [his] room.” Being the kid Howard was, he never thought of his future until his freshman year. There, he started thinking and decided that he “should pick an occupation to aspire for, ultimately choosing astronomy.” His efforts to build upon this dream grew bigger as the years went by.


All students can agree that balancing time between your hobbies and school work isn’t the easiest task. So how did he manage his time? Howard shares that his “interests in astronomy didn’t affect [his views on school] in any way; [he] always thought of it as important.” Gradually, Howard started realizing that he could incorporate his school work into this lifestyle that he wants. He has claimed to constantly bother his “counselors about getting into higher math classes so [he] can learn the fundamentals of calculus earlier…” that he can then “…. use to research astrophysics on [his] own time.”


As Malala once put it, “let us make our future now, and let us make our dreams tomorrow’s reality”, which is exactly what Howard Trinh is doing. He displays a perfect example of what we all should be doing: follow our dreams, shoot for the stars, and never give up. You may not have the same aspiration of being an astronomer, but you should have the same amount of passion in what you love, if not more. Dig deep and discover what you want to become. Hopefully, when we’re all older and living our merry lives, we’ll see Howard as a famous astronomer in our children’s science textbooks.