“Setting Up For a Good Year” – Tamara Trujillo (10)

Sports- not everyone may be cut out for it but there’s no denying how crucial it is to school spirit and unity. Sports bring students together, no matter their clique or social standing, to represent one school. With many league titles and CIF appearances, GGHS has a worthy accolade of sports history to be proud of. To many, volleyball is just another one of those sports, but to Tamara Trujillo, it means much more. For her, volleyball has progressed from a sport she played for fun into a fiery passion.


For many student athletes, managing both school and sports is difficult. Tamara, facing the same problems, remarks, “I would find myself doing homework on the bleachers. It felt like a lot of work.” Yet, being swamped with assignments never deterred her from showing up to practice and putting in the hours in order to improve. Time for homework and practice usually clashed with one another, but working those problems out, “…really helped improve my time management skills.”, says Tamara, having found a balance between the two.


Though some other parents are unsure of their child pursuing a sport, which requires time and effort, Tamara says her dad has been her number one supporter since day one. “My dad really wants me to become the best player I can be. I love it because he doesn’t really know what he’s doing, but he tries.”


Having only played one year of volleyball before high school, it came much to her surprise that she was selected to be both setter and captain of the team. When asked about how volleyball has improved her as a leader, she answered, “You don’t have time to fret over everything. You have to be confident in your decisions.” She was put into roles that were vital to the team’s success and led the team in a final league game against La Quinta to an extremely close scoreline, with LQ barely edging them out. This however, hasn’t stopped Tamara from putting her best foot forward and striving to be the best volleyball player to leave GGHS.