SCRAM 2017: Continuing the Latin Legacy

Each year in the Fall, Latin students all across Southern California gather to attend the Southern California Amici Madness (SCRAM) convention. Through the exhilarating event, students are able to connect with others who share the same love for this language and the Latin Culture.

   This past Sunday morning, October 29th, GGHS attendees and other high school students all over SoCal were present at Loyola High School’s halls at 8 A.M sharp, ready for an extremely fun day ahead of them. For Nghiem Pham (11), SCRAM has always held a special place in his heart because it’s a place where “geeks and all of the ‘weird kids’ can have fun and be themselves.”


     Credits of Mrs.Dinh

The convention started off with an academic test on Latin derivatives, grammar, history, and vocabulary. If you scored the highest in this exam, you were awarded a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place overall ribbon at the end of the event. After that, students embarked on different adventurous games like Roman Rap Battle, Open Certamen (Jeopardy), gladiator battles (armed combat with plastic weapons to entertain the masses), and dodgeball. For Keri Tate (12), president of the Junior Classical League Chapter at Garden Grove, “Certamen and the Roman Fashion Show was an absolute favorite. I love cheesy things; it’s more sentimental like that.” After half the day was done, students enjoyed a delicious lunch of In N Out. The day ended with the Awards Ceremony for those who placed in the academic tests.

To summarize his SCRAM experience in a sentence, a student shares, “I go because I get to experience this sense of community, this sense of being included, as Latin is often a minority foreign language class at most schools.” Indeed, SCRAM is an extremely amazing opportunity to continue the Latin legacy and appreciate its culture. “It’s a great learning experience, and you definitely feel more connected to the Latin culture at the end,” states the Latin teacher, Mrs. Dinh.

Credits of Mrs.Dinh