Scholarships for College

Fellow Seniors! The time has come! You’re about to start applying for the colleges of your dreams. The thing is, applying for colleges can get quite expensive. Thankfully, scholarships can help with that. A scholarship is a grant or payment made to support a student’s education which is awarded on the basis of academic or other achievements. They can come in the form of a check or be renewable every couple of months or years.

There are different types of scholarships, ranging in different monetary rewards. There are the large scholarships that goes directly to the colleges you choose and some that go directly to you. There are GGHS alumni scholarships, and they’re easier for us to obtain since they’re specifically for GGHS students. What exactly can you use the money on? There are a lot of things! Let’s get started!

Of course, you can spend it on tuition. This is the price you have to pay for the classes you take. According to the College Board, these prices can range from 20% to 39% of the total budget in just one year of college. That is so much just for one year, and all you wanted was to have a good time. Books and college materials are not cheap, either! Books can range from one hundred to two hundred dollars. Start saving by applying to scholarships right now!

If you choose the dorm life, there are also living expenses: transportation, food, technology, and healthcare. Depending on what kind of scholarship you win, you can pay off some of these costs. Just make sure you know what expenses your scholarship can cover before you go spend it. Don’t spend all of it on your favorite junk food!

You can look for private scholarships using external scholarship search engines. What are those, you ask? Check in with your college center. Looking for specific private school scholarships? Well, for one thing, private colleges have scholarships specifically for students attending their school. Make sure to visit the school’s website and look at their scholarship page. You might just be surprised to see how much financial aid they offer.

Don’t forget that some private colleges can afford to give out scholarships to almost every student that attends. These are usually “merit awards.” If you’re accepted into them, private schools will automatically give you money to attend their school based on your individual merit. Sometimes private schools offer the “full ride” merit awards.These pay for your education entirely. Don’t worry about writing an essay to apply for them. These scholarships are based on your grades, extracurricular activities, and your SAT/ACT scores.

Every scholarship has a deadline. If you fail to meet that deadline, then you won’t have a chance of winning the scholarship you want. Make sure to check the deadlines and plan to finish your prompts on time. You can also ask Ms. Stacey in room 301 (the college and career center) or contact her at her email,, for more information on scholarships. She can offer help on how to fill out scholarships!


Below are some financial aid and scholarship websites to get you started: