Santa Survey

         A holly wreath hung on doors, and presents waiting under the Christmas tree — the holiday season is here, which means weeks of dreaming of presents and stressful shopping at the local mall until the big day. Children rush down the stairs on Christmas morning to open up their gifts from Santa — the happy jolly man who spends most of his life in the North Pole. Santa Claus goes by many names, but we all know him as the man who brings joy to children by granting their wishes. We all know the happiness associated with receiving gifts; giving, however, it is known to make us more happy and grateful. Let’s step into Santa’s boots for a day and experience the pure delight from making our family and friends happy. If you were Santa, what would you give people for Christmas?

Lesley pham (9): I’d give people a will to live

Bianca Maldonado (9): Toothbrushes because half the kids here breathe stink.

Justin Nguyen (10): My number

Alex tran (9): A really nice microscope.

Jackie Chavez (10): I would give everyone dogs, because everyone loves dogs.

Pearl Bui (9): Money, so they can get rich

Marissa Lovato (9): I would give all my single ladies a boyfriend

Jessica Mendoza (9): Anything they asked for as long as they were nice this year.

Tamara Trujillo (10): Myself, because I am the gift.

Farah Ocegueda (9): Gift cards

Natalie Figueroa (10): More time or hope that we can get through life

Kim Vuong (9): The opposite of what they went

Trisha Trang (11): Money because I don’t have time to check anyone’s wish list

Edwin Teh (9): Food so they can get fatter

Francisco Bustos (10): Anything their <3 desires.

Lena Nguyen (12): Happiness.

Aryan Moore (12): I would give people magical Christmas bags where they can give people whatever they want and then get something they have always wanted after giving to their loved ones.

Diana Gallegos (11): A dose of kindness because I feel like people need to remember to be nicer to one another

Nam Nguyen (12); I would give people memories because that’s what Christmas should be about– making memories with people you love.

Tina Tran (11): I would give everyone money so they can buy their own presents

ThaoMy Vu (12): Love.

Kelly Melo (12); Good grades, college acceptances, no boy troubles, sleep, and happiness

Jazmin Diaz (12): I would try to make everyone happy by ridding them of their financial troubles, health/mental health struggles, and any other worries they carry on their shoulders.

Michelle Huynh (11): I would give free hugs because I feel like people around me deserve gratitude.

Kenny TranLuu (12): Free hugs

Alan Vu (12): Lots of love.

Julie Nguyen (12): Coal with a sticky note saying “You tired”

MyLien Trang (12): I would give people ice cream because it’s cold and I’m evil.

Cristina Arellano (12): I would give people money, especially towards charities.

Hillary Carcamo (12): I’d give people food for Christmas because food is life.

Paola Velazquez (12): I’d give kids some actual toys to play outside with because I’m sick of seeing them trying to be Youtubers.

Vy Nguyen (11): A reality check, kids gotta learn the hardships of life early on.

Jacob Payan (11): Food because you need food to live not happiness.

Jonathan Gumán (11): Coal. Nothing else. Just coal.

Andrew Bui (11): I would give a lot of Santa’s elves away.

Angelica Ramos (9): I would give them an empty box.

Jennifer Truong (10): Good grades and extra sleep!

Kelvin Nguyen (10): Coal because everyone is naughty.

Victoria Pham (10): Extra credit so you all don’t have to stay up late to study.

Katherine Tran (10): I would give everybody food to eat.

Mindy Nguyen (10): Money because I need some myself.

Diana Vo (10): Pimple cream because everyone has pimples.

Jackie Nguyen (10): Good grades because I’m pretty sure that’s what all people want.

Chloe Tran (10): Pens so people would stop asking for mine.

Jaylyn Sales (11): Happiness because everyone should be happy this Christmas.

Tran Nguyen (10): A nice soul.

Cassie Nguyen (10): Vanilla candles or hypoallergenic dogs.

Nancy Ly (9): Fidget spinners.

Diane Tran (11): SOFT BLANKETS!

Anonymous: I’ll make Isaac Newton never be born so that Calculus could never be invented.

Tiffany Nguyen (11): Nothing because people don’t deserve it.

Natalie Nguyen (10): If I were a Santa, I would give people free gifts for Christmas.

Natalie Luu (11): Coal.

John Nguyen (11): A big fat hug.

Chelsey Nguyen (11): Boba.

Vy Nguyen (11): A reality check, Santa isn’t real. Let the kids experience disappointment early so they don’t expect anything anymore.

Tiffany Nguyen (10): Caramel filled chocolates.

Minh-Thi Le (12): Dirt. Y’all deserve nothing.

Isabel Ortiz (12): I would give them what they asked for in order to prove that good things happen to those who are nice.

Anna Le (11): I would give them all food because food is the cure for everything.

Martin Tran (12): I would give everyone a brand new iPhone X because who wouldn’t want a new iPhone?

Trinh Vo (12): Ooh, if I were Santa, I’d give people textbooks/prep books because they’re expensive and students need a little lovin’.

Vicky Hoang (10): I’ll give everyone prayers for the great time.

Keri Tate (12): Chocolate and net neutrality.

Bella Pham (11): Liberation from the pressures of the capitalist market economy.

Emily Ta (12): Memes.

Dennis Nguyen (11): I would give people my homework to do because I’m big and lazy. I’d give people wrapping paper so that they can rap.

Kayla Ruvalcaba (11): Good grades.

Anh Huy Le (11): I would probably give people warm clothing because of the sudden change of weather.

Tiffany Vu (11): A no-homework ticket.

Vivian Tran (11): Giant teddy bear companions.

Makayla Finn (9): I would give people happiness so people won’t be so depressed ALL the time.

Susana Rodriguez (9): I would give them a better knowledge to be a better person, so this world can become a better place.

Sonnianne Pham (11): Fried chicken, because there’s nothing fried chicken can’t do.

Jennifer Huynh (12): Toast from Raising Cane’s.

Tanya Nguyen (12): I would give people more chocolate because y’all need to be more sweet.

Stacey Tran (12): I’d give people an extra week of winter break to recover from college applications.

Kelly Chau (12): I’d give people water because people be thirsty.

Sydney Nguyen (10): Presents.

Thomas Vu (11): Good grades because who doesn’t want good grades.

Tran Nguyen (10): A nice soul.

Sandra Ninh (11): A life supply of pens and pencils.

Juliana Daravong (11): I would give them what they asked for.

Anh Hoang (11): A cheese stick.