Running His Way Towards Success – Yael Jimenez, Class of 2012

     After Yael Jimenez, an Alumni from Class of 2012, graduated from GGHS, he received three AA degrees in Communication Studies, Liberal Arts, and Humanities. Jimenez attended CSU Long Beach for two years, where he successfully earned his Bachelor’s degree in Linguistics and Communication Studies. Meanwhile, Jimenez was involved in various organizations, such as student government in the position of Associate Justice. His position allowed him to rule on cases pertaining to violations and elections, assist the student body, and sit in multiple grade appeal committees. Jimenez was also involved in the CSULB Running Club and the Student Communication Association.

     Jimenez has a big passion for running. He expresses, “It’s a lifestyle. Running is an integral part of my life. I have met amazing individuals and participated in world class events like the New York City Marathon and the LA marathon.” Jimenez has come across Olympians and also had the opportunity to work for a brand he believes in (ASICS). ASICS is an athletic footwear company that strives to create the best products for their customers. However, ASICS offers more than just shoes. A huge selection of various types of clothing is provided for specific types of sports. His first marathon took place in Los Angeles back in 2015, and ASICS was the biggest sponsor who was kind enough to provide him a free entry to the race. When it came to running, many thoughts ran through Jimenez’s mind. “For me, friends and family were always there. I get satisfaction from running. I believe my running has inspired others to follow up with their plans in becoming better than they were before. The best part about running is the feeling you get as you’re doing — the pain, the sweat, the scenery, the wind passing by and the people you see and meet along the way. I was a runner in high school, so it stuck with me after graduation.” So far, Jimenez has ran 7 marathons, close to 15 half marathons and a plethora of other K distance running races. He is currently training to possibly run his first IronMan 70.3 in Hawaii.While running, Jimenez has had the opportunity to travel to various places around the country, including New York, Oregon, Washington, Utah, Nevada, and Pennsylvania. His favorite out of these was the marathon in New York City. Jimenez states, “You get the best tour of the city. It is an incredible experience — to run with 50,000 other runners across the streets of one of the most affluent cities in the world. Your eyes see how the city changes as you pass from one borough to another. ASICS was kind enough to let me run the race twice and helped me get there.” He is currently working in the footwear and apparel industry at ASICS and have been with them for almost three years.

     Jimenez is impatiently waiting to hear back from graduate programs and Teach For America to follow up with his studies and achieve his goal of getting a Masters or Phd. In the future, Yael aspires to attend a graduate school to receive a Masters and PhD in either Linguistics or Education. One of his ultimate goals is to soon become an instructor in one of his fields of study, and to focus on research involving language revitalization for endangered languages in culture and society. Currently, Jimenez is speaking two different languages, Spanish and French. Still, he’s hoping to pick up two more languages.

     Yael Jimenez encourages students to push themselves, and to take in the things around them like never before and appreciate the little things. “Sometimes you may have to take a leap of faith in order to do extraordinary things in life. However, always stay true to yourself, we weren’t born just to pay bills.”