Rocking the New Year: One Word Resolutions

‘Tis the season for New Year’s Resolutions, encouraging people to make positive goals and changes in their lives. Unfortunately, many people make the mistake of piling too many resolutions on top of their already-busy lifestyle, struggling to keep them because of laziness and lack of motivation.

2018, however, will be different. Instead of forcing one-too-many individual resolutions upon ourselves, we can combine our goals to serve one greater purpose in our life. Prioritizing one ambition above others will create a foundation for us to build upon, allowing us to grow into  the person we want to be.

Fellow Argos stepped up to share their overall goal summarized in one word. If we stay on track and focus on our one goal, one word, we can all rock the new year.

Jennifer Huynh (12): I really want to thrive for the best this year.

Tanya Nguyen (12): I chose growth because life is about learning new things.

Alma Contreras (12): With working, I can always improve.

Seth Rodarte (12): I want to be happy because it’s the basic need and building block for a good life.

Samantha Bastida (12): As long as I stay on my grind, I will make money in the future.

Jennifer Valdez (12): I just need to focus on myself this year.

TJ Taufete’e (12):  I will make some money this year so I can be rich and spoil my loved ones.

Khai Tran (12): Family is the only one I come home to.

Ijan Eylicio (11): What’s better than love? Nothing.

Andrea Corrigan (12): I want to be fearless and expect the best.

Silvia Estrada (11): Procrastination had held me back from doing many things, so this year I want to get my head in the game.

Sydney Nguyen (10): To set aside hindering obstacles through having a more positive vibe thus allowing me to pursue what’s most important.

Carlos Rantleon (12): Some people have talent for many things and I have this for sports, which is something I love.

Jocelyn Vazquez (12): Dedication so I could dedicate time to myself and other various goals this year.

John Nguyen (10): My older relatives majored in chemistry, so I have big shoes to fill and I need to raise my grade in the class.