Rediscovering Herself: Jocelyn Velazquez (12)

Whenever we face tough moments in our lives, we tend to push our feelings, and sometimes others’ feelings, aside. We distract ourselves, we busy ourselves, we do anything we can to not think about it. However, this is in no way healthy. It seems scary and unnatural, although it really shouldn’t be. We should not be afraid of our natural human emotions. To every problem, there is a solution, which we have to spend time working on. Jocelyn Velazquez, an upcoming senior (12) at Garden Grove High School, offers this advice: “Take time to reflect and relax in order to focus on your work.”

Jocelyn, having faced some hardships during her junior year, was able to get through it by talking and expressing how she felt. She was injured around the middle of the school year, during Cross Country season. She felt frustrated as she was limping everyday, but she was able to release some stress by opening up to others. She knew that people could see how she was feeling, but “actually explaining how you feel to someone is completely different.” She took her own advice, saying that everything happens for a reason. As she consulted through her friends and family, she returned to cross country better than ever.

During her time being injured, she took on different activities, like picking music back up again to reflect and think about what she can do for herself and other people. Ever since a young age, she has always been fascinated with music. She was surrounded by it, and took inspiration from her grandfather’s guitar and asked for a guitar herself. When she picked her guitar again, she felt as if she was meeting an old friend. At first, she thought she would have forgotten everything by now, but was shocked to see that she’s remembered a lot, including her love for music. She sometimes regretted putting her guitar down and replacing it with her love for running, but she no longer has anything to regret. She has learned to incorporate both activities in her life, allowing her more time to think and have peace to herself. Through her experiences, she was able to rediscover herself by exploring different activities.