Play One of the Hardest Instruments to Learn: Mercy Le (10)

Piano, known to be one of the hardest instruments to master, taking a multitude of months or years.  Mercy Le (10), started her journey of learning the piano 6 years ago, after she witnessed  a pianist performing a piece at the mall. “Hearing the guy hit the notes perfectly” inspired her to get a private piano teacher

Like many other instruments , It takes time, dedication, and love to never quit practicing the piano. Mercy has had her times of frustration when learning “Fur Elise” by Beethoven. She expresses,he part of the song, where I had to hit notes from higher and lower section of the piano was hard to play smoothly.”  The thought of quitting piano has never crossed her mind because “the sound of the notes that form the song” makes her feel relaxed. Sydney Nguyen (10), one of Mercy’s friends shares, “Whenever she plays, she has a smile on her face. The joy she puts into her pieces brings out the best song that music can be played.”

Over her years of learning the piano, Mercy has performed in several competitions. In her first and second competition, she performed “Kiss the Rain” and “River Flows in You” by Yirmua, and was awarded 2nd place for both. Mercy mentions, “The thought of playing in front of people by myself was nerve wracking, but the moment my fingers touched the keys I began to relax.” For her 3rd competition she showcased “Fur Elise” by Beethoven, the song she had the most difficult with and actually ended up in 1st place. Mercy is working long and hard, practicing 3 hours a day, preparing for her 4th competition this summer.

As well as learning the piano, Mercy has also dedicated her time into playing the violin and ukulele and hopes to soon find time for the guitar. In the future of her piano skills, she wants to compose her own songs.

Music plays such an important part in Mercy life because, “its [her] place of comfort. It helps [her] calm down if [she] ever feel frustrated or stressed.” Mercy is dedicated to spending her time into mastering the piano.