Personal Statement: Huy Vu

Huy Vu / Haven Vu
Class of 2017
SAT: 2000
GPA 4.42
Involvements: Key Club, Boys’ League, CSF, Class of 2017
Accepted: UC Berkeley, UC San Diego, UC Santa Barbara, UC Irvine
Waitlist: UCLA
Denied: Cal Poly SLO
Attending: UC Berkeley
Why?: Berkeley provides the best Physics program in the world, and in attending this University I believe that I will make a contribution in the name of science. I want to compete with the very best and see where I stand in comparison to some of the brightest minds of our generation. Attending UC Berkeley had been a dream of mine since my freshman year, but now i can finally say that it is reality.


Personal Statements:

Describe your favorite subject and how it has influenced you

I gazed mindlessly at the Big Dipper for the first time in 6th grade science camp.  Never before had the idea of space captivated my imagination. I thought that as people, we were indefinitely bound to the Earth, that studying space was merely trivial. I had not realized that I’d just become bewildered by the kinetics around me and infatuated by the vast darkness that lay above. I began to question the universe.
     My favorite academic subject is Physics. Ironically, it is the class that provides the most answers about motion, technology, and the universe, yet presents the most questions. Physics is personal because it allows me to ponder in ways that other classes do not; in fact, I love physics because I know I will never fully understand it. To me, it is more than just the study of motion. It’s the study of everything – from motion, to space, to time, to energy, and to matter. I want to unravel the depths of black holes; find out whether there is a fourth dimension; discover the bounds of space; uncover the ends of the infinity. Physics and space awakened me to how small mankind really is. They make me wonder why individuals are so wrapped up in insignificant affairs while infinite possibilities lie right above them.
   My passion has influenced me to take AP Physics C and Calculus- the two hardest classes on campus- and pushed me to build modules and solve series of equations to understand the world around me. My ambition to master the concepts that I know mankind will never fully grasp has driven me to declare Physics and Aerospace Engineering as my top majors in college.  I plan to take my abilities further by applying for engineering internships at Boeing and SpaceX in the near future. It is my love for physics that will drive me to develop theories about the universe or motivate me to launch machines into the unknown. In this field, I know that every discovery arises ten more questions, and I never want that to stop. (Word Count: 344)