Oozma Kappa: Monster University Fraternity Brought to Life?

Oozma Kappa is unique within itself. It’s a club founded to create an inclusive environment where members can complete community services without the pressure of a large crowd of people. Named after the fraternity from the movie Monster University, Oozma Kappa’s mission is to increase social skills through community service and group gatherings in a close, family-like surrounding.


As of the 2017-2018 term, its cabinet includes Breezy Ochoa (President), Frida Aguilar (Vice President), Daisy Guadarrama (Treasurer), Anahi Beltran (Secretary), Lizette Mojica (Publicity Chair), and Lucy Lopez (ICC Rep).


“I actually got the idea to establish the club just by walking with my friends to 7Leaves,” expressed president Breezy Ochoa on the founding of Oozma Kappa. “In the moment,  it was just a casual thought brought up by a small group of friends enjoying each other’s company. Over time, it became more than that; we wanted to recreate that same scenario for others out there,” says Breezy Ochoa.


From then on, the club would go on to host beach clean ups and attend volunteering events such as Walk to End Alzheimer’s, Tikki Beach Marathon, and Surf City. “My favorite event would have to be the Angel Stadium Marathon where we cheered on runners…it was the first time I began to love the club,” says Lucy Lopez.


In order to foster bonding within the members, the cabinet often has gatherings at a member’s house, “where we would just bring food and chill,” Breezy Ochoa shares. During these sessions, members are welcomed into the club through interactive games that often draws them out of their comfort zones. “All we’re trying to do is create a friendly environment where you can feel safe to be yourself. I started the club with this thought in mind,” states the president.


      For now, Oozma Kappa isn’t accepting any new applications, but the club will “always welcome you with open arms during Club Rush,” says Frida Aguilar. “You should join Oozma Kappa because it’s really fun and helps you gain social skills,” says Lucy Lopez.


Indeed, to members like Jasmine Gonzalez (12), Oozma Kappa has become their favorite club, as the sense of inclusivity is incomparable to other clubs out there.  All in all, the cabinet, which consists of all seniors, hopes that the club will continue to grow after they graduate, as it holds an important place in their heart.