President: Michelle Hoang (11)

Vice President: Nhi Dinh (12)

Corresponding Secretary: Edward Madria (12)

Recording Secretary: Michael Guardado (12)

Treasurer: Jenna Nguyen (11)

KIWIN’S is a club consisting of service to the community, as well as their homeschool, and also opportunities to develop leadership qualities. CNH KIWIN’S is a branch of Key Club International and more specifically located within the 32nd District, Cal-Nev-Ha KIWIN’S: it’s the only district that overlaps another (Ca-Nev-Ha Key Club). Garden Grove High School is apart of the Jet Division, the Mighty Manatees. Fun fact: the nine districts in the CNH KIWIN’S are actually all named after gemstones: Jet, Goldstone, Diamond, Turquoise, Crystal, Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, and Jade.

14445989_1605746086392028_3508915625402437848_nThe club takes on various missions, primarily focusing on Live 2 Learn which promotes the education of children ranging from the ages of 5-9. Taking part in these missions helps members of KIWIN’S become well rounded individuals and lifelong advocates for children’s education. A minor emphasis project chosen is the Pediatric Trauma Program which affects children in infancy to 19 years of age. Pediatric Trauma is the result of motor vehicle accidents, physical abuse, drowning accidents, falls, and animal bites, making it the leading cause of death of children in the United States. KIWIN’S often holds various fundraisers or service events to spread awareness for the program and also to prevent as many accidents as they can! Every year the District Governor chooses a cause to focus on and this year have teamed up with Stop Hunger Now; an organization that packages food and delivers them to third world countries. The goal for this term is to raise $12,000 and have 135 food packing events held in the fight to combat international world hunger. With all of the various events and causes they choose to support, KIWIN’S is a great way to get involved and make a difference.

The most important events of the year for KIWIN’S consist of Fall Rally and the District Convention.12249992_1504222189877752_8451750473094325390_n “Fall Rally is just around the corner and I’m looking forward learning more about KIWIN’S and having a good time!” says Juliana Daravong (10). Fall Rally South is one of the biggest events of the year where five out of the nine districts come together to compete in service hours, fundraising for the major and minor emphasis causes, and a spirit battle! Fall Rally decides who gets the spirit stick prior to District Convention at the end of the year. Fall Rally is when our District comes together to put our funds to the test; with many fun events such as a District Board auction where divisions bid their divisional funds to get a chance to pie a member of the District Board. Of course, the sweetest part is that the money goes to a cause of their choice, and there’s a little kick out of it too. On top of using all of the club funds towards great causes, there are an abundance of ice breakers to really get to know the rest of our CNH Ohana! Edward Madria (12) exclaims, “I’m really looking forward to seeing the rest of our KIWIN’S family. Fall Rally is a good reminder that we are a community working together all for good causes.”

12994395_1319549894727365_918760704568778726_nBesides Fall Rally, the District Convention, which is held at the end of the term, is when the District comes together to celebrate their hard work and efforts. This year, the District Convention will be held in April from the 21-23 in San Ramon, California. It’s three days of fun filled with fun and informational workshops, a lot of screaming and cheering (as there are a total of four spirit sticks to win), a talent show, a dance, and the House of Delegates to elect our leaders for the next term; most importantly is the awards banquet which commemorates individual clubs and the retirement of District Board and the installation of the new board! 13062159_1319550184727336_1959197679171671277_nPresident Michelle Hoang (11) says, “My favorite part about DCON is when we all eat together on the last day and the final awards are called! It’s nice to reflect back on all of the accomplishments we had as a division.” Overall, words cannot simply describe the memories or the atmosphere of the convention; it’s best to just experience it yourself.