Notes With Natalie: SIR

This Issue: Moving On

Dear seniors,

May 1st is almost upon us! Decisions have to be made. It’s kind of very terrifying, and kind of very late. We have but mere days to pick a course for our futures and stick to it for however long we can.

Honestly, I’m terrified. I chose a school weeks ago, but I know a lot of people are really caught between a few. Like, there’s so much weight behind this one decision. Is this the right environment for us? Will we fit in? Is this too much in loans? Will the financial burden be too much for my family? Is this a decision we’re going to regret for the rest of our years?

I remember my first day of high school. Vividly. Goodness, I was scared of everything and everyone, especially coming from a teeny tiny private school and only knowing, like, three people. Seriously, I was expecting to make no friends and to be academically below average. As you can tell, my self-esteem was not my strong point.

I remember my first day of high school, because on that day I met one of the best people I’d ever had the pleasure of becoming friends with in the entire course of my high school career. And I didn’t even make the first move (mostly because I was scared and awkward and shy and really nowhere near being the shameless person I am today).

It’s been four years of high school. Four years of trying to figure out where I fit in and who I am, four years of doing things I would totally find embarrassing if I could remember them, four years of getting to know great people and dealing with some not-so-great people but having an amazing time nonetheless.

High school’s been great to me, and I’m sure it’s elicited its fair share of mixed emotions from all of us, but it’s finally hitting me that I have to move on now. We have to move on now, and we have just a few more days to finally choose where we’re going, what we’re pursuing, who we’re gonna be.

Personally, the main factor I took into consideration when I was picking a school was community. I want a school where the people who are there genuinely love it and would be able to talk and talk and talk about it because they have pride. I took into consideration location and campus size, cost, and even how much people told me not to do it because of reputation (and then I did the opposite).

I submitted my Statement of Intent to Register (SIR) a week-or-so ago, and I don’t think I’ve ever felt such a sense of relieved terror. Relief because I found a school I liked and wanted to spend the next four years at, relief because some sense of purpose has settled on me, relief because I’m finally moving forward and getting on my way and not settling. And terror because that was when I started doubting myself. Terror because the future was looming and getting closer and closer, because now I had to find roommates and figure out money and become kind of an adult.

I’m still terrified, but I’m getting more and more excited for what’s to come.

Check back on you guys soon, and best of luck for this next part of our (hopefully very long) journey.

Much luv, Nat.