No Such Thing As A Love Song

You have friends in relationships and constantly witness couples being all lovey-dovey in the hallway. When you finally escape the icky romance and turn on the radio, the world again rubs it your face that you are single by constantly blasting love songs. They aren’t relatable, are overly repetitive, and make you want to grab some ice cream and cry while watching romantic Korean dramas. To celebrate Single Awareness day, Argolog will pick apart some popular love songs!


Elton John- Don’t Go Breaking My Heart

The title of this song is self-explanatory. But begging someone to not break your heart doesn’t guarantee that you won’t be heartbroken. All these promises that couples make to stay together forever and love each other regardless are sweet, but more often than not all these promises get thrown out the window once someone decides that they will go breaking your heart. This relationship is built entirely on fear that your significant will one day decide to abandon your love for them. Where is the trust? This Valentine’s Day, instead of getting your heart broken, maybe it’s time you’re the heartbreaker.

Shape of You- Ed Sheeran

This song is undeniably catchy. You might even find yourself singing along while in the car, doing homework, or taking Buzzfeed quizzes to find out when you will actually get married. But, let’s take a closer look at the lyrics: “I’m in love with the shape of you.” So, are you in love with me or my looks? And what if my “shape” or shadow is exactly like another person? Do you love him/her too? There is obviously no love in this song beyond the attraction to physical appearances which makes this song shallow and unromantic. You might as well go around telling your crush that you only like them because of their looks.

Love Story- Taylor Swift

Everybody has read or at least heard of Romeo and Juliet. In elementary school, you were probably obsessed with this song, hoping that you too would one day find your Romeo (or Juliet). In the three minutes and fifty-seven seconds of this ridiculous song, Taylor meets her Romeo and obviously, her dad disapproves of their relationship because Romeo was throwing pebbles at his daughter. Fellas, don’t take romantic advice from this Romeo! Anyways, somehow by the end of this unrealistic song, Romeo gets dad’s permission and the two end up getting married. I highly advise against marrying the person you just met three minutes and fifty-seven seconds ago. The two manage to obtain “happily ever after”, however, unless you’re in Taylor Swift’s version of this love story, there is no happy ending for you. (Spoiler alert! Romeo and Juliet died…)