No Shave November on Campus!

You may be wondering why most of the guys around you are starting to look more and more rugged with their facial hair. Did they all collectively lose their razors or just simply get too lazy and not bother to shave? Actually, by not shaving, they’re bringing attention to a growing problem in our world today — prostate cancer. Despite being easily curable when it’s first detected, prostate cancer is estimated to claim more than 27,000 lives just this year. No-Shave-November, or just “Movember,” aims to bring awareness to this issue by challenging men to grow out their facial hair for the entire month.

No-Shave-November takes a fun, lighthearted approach to tackle cancer and fund research for a cure. Men and women around the world are tasked with growing out their facial hair in order to shed light on the well preventable disease that plagues our community. For something so easily curable when detected at an early stage, prostate cancer will claim 1 in 39 men’s lives, simply because they don’t get checked routinely. Because men are uninformed about their susceptibility to prostate cancer, they increase their chance of getting the disease. Thankfully, $769 million has been raised since Movember began and donated towards providing medical services for patients coping with prostate cancer and advancements against it. Since 2003, the Movember Foundation has been committed towards raising awareness around prostate cancer and have funded more than 1,200 men’s health projects around the world. Fortunately, about 85% of American men with prostate cancer are diagnosed in the early stages, significantly raising their chance of survival. The mustache movement has since then campaigned against testicular cancer and men’s mental health issues.

Just on our campus alone, we have many people who are bringing attention to the problem, such as Mr. Lunow who’s growing out his beard, adding, “[Movember] is a good way to bring attention to prostate cancer which is easily curable and encourages men to go get checked by their doctors frequently.” You can spot him alongside other teachers like, Mr. Primo and Mr. Cepeda who are also taking action by going unshaven for a month. With the funds raised through campaigns like Movember, it’s estimated that by 2030, deaths caused by prostate and testicular cancer will be down by 25%. So let the men and women in your life know to drop their razors and join in the fight against cancer!