Navigating the Business World – Jenn Torres, Class of 2013

Jenn Torres, a graduate from class of 2013, went straight to Cal State Fullerton because of how close it was to home and their great business program. Torres had always wanted to become a professional photographer, or work in the entertainment industry in a way that would allow her to express her creative side. Back in high school, she had experiences with running mini photo booths for yearbook and had grasped a lot of knowledge about photography and designing. “Halfway through my first year of college I went to visit Mr. Kim and he was ‘interrogating’ me on what I had planned out for my future. I’m majoring in business, so he suggested I start a business to gain experience. We started talking and that’s when I decided a photobooth business was the right choice,” states Torres.

Her business has became very popular and faces much competition, so her motto is “low prices with great quality.” Torres and her boyfriend have events every weekend, allowing them both to expand new opportunities through this business, as they meet different people and experience it all together. However, marketing is a challenging for both Jenn and her business. Throughout her journey to start her own business, her mom motivated her the most to keep going. “I’ve seen how hard she works and giving up on things isn’t something she taught me. It also helps that I love when my clients are happy about our service; it makes me happy!”

Not only does Jenn run the Selphy Booth, she also works as an AVID tutor. Her dreams grew bigger when she discovered her passion in being an AVID Tutor. She was inspired by her own AVID tutors in school and their and their “willingness to hear out when students had difficulties at school.” Torres finally became an AVID tutor herself. She aspired to help students get a different perspective on college and to become someone students could trust and go to with their questions.

Even with all of her success so far, Torres is still dreaming big. She plans to graduate this December, and hopes to find two internships as well as another job in her field. She encourages others to find something they have a passion for and make a business out of it, but while in high school, “to work hard and take AP classes! When you make profit from something you love, it’s so easy to grasp the financial and the administrative side of it. And it’s a great thing to put on a resume!”