National Merit Scholarship Finalist: Katie Ho

As sophomores, we are required to take the PSAT without really knowing why. Besides giving us a preview of the SAT, students take the PSAT/NMSQT for the chance to compete in the National Merit Scholarship Program. With 1.5 million participants each year, only 7,400 become finalists. This month, the National Merit Program recognized Katie Ho as a finalist after reviewing her academic record and SAT score. In order to be qualified, she must enroll full-time at a college and be recommended by Mr. Osborne. As salutatorian of GGHS, she maintained stellar grades throughout all four years and scored a 2230 on her SAT. The winners are chosen from the batch of finalists based on academic abilities, skills, and accomplishments and receive one of three scholarships. The program awards them with a college-sponsored scholarship, a corporate-sponsored scholarship, or a $2,500 payment depending on their qualifications.
Katie was required to submit an essay about the person who inspires her in order to be move on to the final round. She wrote about her grandmother and how she admired her wrinkles because they were a sign of her hard work and dedication. Katie shares, “I found out I was a finalist sometime in February. And I was like, ‘Wow! No way!’ because I didn’t expect to become one.”