National Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Help Raise Awareness!

 October. The month of crispy autumn leaves, cool mornings, and round orange pumpkins waiting to be carved. But most importantly, it is also  Breast Cancer Awareness month.  Breast cancer is the name given to a collection of 25 diseases in which cells grow out of control and form a lump in a woman’s chest. 1 in 8 females will develop breast cancer in her lifetime. In hopes of bringing awareness to this topic, NBCMA was first founded in 1985 through a partnership between American Cancer Society and Imperial Chemical Industries. Each day of the month, you are encouraged to wear pink in support for the research and advancements in this field of study. For this reason, every Tuesday, GGHS has created a tradition to wear pink.

   In fact, Grove’s very own American Cancer Society would like to share some thoughts on the importance of this topic. For Brandon Nguyen(10),he believes the purpose behind this event is “ to get it out there that there are people with breast cancer and that they need help. It also gets people to know about the foundation how to they can provide aid”Tiffany Huynh(11) continues,”It’s extremely important to spread the awareness for breast cancer because day after day, people are diagnosed, but people are also cured; hopefully the more people work to support this, less people will be diagnosed and more cured.  As a club, ACS strives to fund for research that will hopefully lead to a cure in the future. “Please show your support as 1 out of 10 women in U.S are diagnosed each year,” Tran Nguyen says. Indeed, as a community and school, let’s help kill cancer!