With 4 years of hard work and dedication, Tiffany Huynh (10) won MVP of league. Coaches from each school in our league all voted who was going to be MVP. Coach Lou nominated Tiffany Huynh and not surprisingly, she was most voted. Actually, on the way to League Finals, the team was walking to the bus in front of the school and Tiffany Huynh tells,” My name suddenly appeared the on the school billboard as MVP of League! How?! I got this for free!” Congratulations, you earned it Tiffany!


League Finals is an individual tournament for ranking with all the other players in league. Being undefeated throughout season with a record of (29-0), there was no doubt that Tiffany would win it all. In the final round, she secured the singles league champion title. Tiffany says “I felt really nervous the first few games in my final match, but after the first set was over, I was more relaxed. It felt surreal to believe that I had won League Finals because I never would’ve expected the outcome to be this way.” Her team was right by her side during the finals, cheering her on. Tiffany tells us that her team is her inspiration and motivation. Juliana Daravong (10), who has been with Tiffany so far for her high school tennis career reveals, “Tiffany Huynh is a girl that only comes around once in a blue moon. She’s super hardworking and dedicates herself so much to tennis. She pushes herself so much and works for what she wants. She truly deserved getting the league MVP title. I’m so lucky to have her as a teammate.”

Tiffany says that “Tennis is a sport that you have to be able to mentally and physically control yourself.” As MVP and singles league champion, she would like to recognize Coach Lou, who received Coach of the Year Award once again because he truly deserves it! Without him, the tennis team wouldn’t have the proper guidance to become Undefeated League Champs! Coach Lou says that Tiffany is only the “3rd girl in Garden Grove history” to win the singles champion and he is “looking forward towards her final two years.”She would also like to recognize Kim Nakhiengchanh and Haley Chu, the two senior captains on the team. They have done so much for the team this year and she would like to congratulate them on getting 2nd in League Finals! Congratulations Tiffany for getting MVP and singles league champion!