Multiplayer’s Club: 1st CIF E-Sports

Technology– a gateway to networking and problem solving. For the past decades, technology has changed the way individuals live and learn. For the Multiplayer Club, technology has played a key role in connecting and meeting new friends; The Multiplayer Club connects gamers of all levels and allows them to test and play video games. The club offers an environment that facilitates fun and friendly competitions amongst it’s members. 

This year, the Multiplayer Club participated in its first ever official eSports exhibition competition representing Garden Grove High School in the Southern Section Division.This new installation includes a competition in Riot Games’ “League of Legends”, powered by Super League Gaming (a tournament platform) in order to test out it’s capabilities in becoming a CIF sport. They are reaching out to a lucrative demographic that has not been reached out to– high school gamers. With much optimism, the organization is hoping to offer other eSports games similar to this competition.

In the CIF association’s support towards gaming, they’re  using this event to test out the potential to incorporate eSports alongside regular sports. Similar to Multiplayer Club, they believe that gaming can help with social development such as sportsmanship and collaborative problem-solving. As the first exhibition competition of it’s kind hosted by the CIF-SS Association, depending on the results and attraction of the event, this will be taken into consideration to implement eSports with existing sports.

Outside of League of Legends, Multiplayer Club president, Kenny TranLuu (12) and his board members have previously hosted other campus-wide tournaments. Last year, the Multiplayer Club held an informal Call of Duty tournament on our school campus which gathered a total of 18 competitors; despite the small number in comparison to the school population, project chair Morris Dam (12) claimed it to be a “major success” and revealed this to be the “big step” in attracting more members. Originally, Kenny and his friends did not plan on continuing the club this year but decided in order to “enjoy [their] senior year,” they must continue to provide a safe environment for gamers to come together. Board officer Jimmy Chu (12), explains how this club has “positively impacted and improved [his] high school career,” therefore it’d only be right to continue the “legacy” and create the same experience for new members.  Now, the Multiplayer Club has become the key promoter of implementing eSports into the CIF-SS by assembling Grove’s finest League of Legends players to represent GGHS in the exhibition.

Kenny’s goal for the club has always been to “connect gamers across campus and provide a friendly network for them to meet new friends with similar interests.” As a gamer, Kenny understands the struggle of not having friends to play with. He adds, “I wanted to help students find the right kind of friends that make gaming a wonderful experience. The type of friends that you can make funny YouTube videos with, like videogamedunkey or VanossGaming.” But above all, Kenny wants to offer fun opportunities for students to engage in, like Rocket League in Super Smash Bros. James Peou (12) states, “I am normally a spectator at League events, however it was such a neat experience to compete as a player.” As for the future of the club, the Multiplayer Club hopes to host informal tournaments and amateur events, with possible prizes involved.

Gaming is a tool for individuals to grow. Serving as coach for his team, Long Tran (12) expresses, “Initially, I was worried about how my team was going to perform, however I was glad to participate in such a fun event.” It allows students to make quick critical decisions, enhance reflexes, and assists the participants in their social development through teamwork and cooperation; you can do virtually anything.