Mr. Ryan Pietz: The Secret to Never Having a Bad Hair Day

Creativity comes in different forms of art for everyone. It ignites a spark of innovation and individuality within us, inspiring us to express ourselves to the world. Art is what brings people together, locally and globally, connecting them through their emotions and imagination. However, it is up to the artist on how they choose to communicate their originality. In this case, Mr. Ryan Pietz, the GGHS Computer Resource Assistant, reveals his creativity through unique and artistic designs done with his hair. Did you hear that correctly? Hair? Yes — hair.

It all began in 2000, when a fellow coworker wanted to attempt to create a leopard spotted pattern on hair. With the help of sponges, paint brushes, and Mr. Pietz as a test subject, the experiment became a success. Soon, hair art done on Mr. Pietz became a tradition every summer with his coworker, who soon became his wife (relationship goals, am I right?). “What started as a unique, creative outlet evolved into a family tradition that our friends and relatives look forward to each year,” Pietz shares.

The hair process usually takes Pietz and his wife 8 hours to complete, the longest time being 20 hours within the course of 3 days to finalize a pineapple-inspired hair design. Pietz and his wife use their inventive minds to come up with ideas throughout the year in preparation for their upcoming artsy summer hairdo. Wanting to challenge themselves and their imagination, every new hair design is slowly but surely taking the Pietz family outside their comfort zone. The hair designs that Pietz and his wife create are all different and unique in their own way, ranging from bees to night itself, with stars, planets, and the moon. Pietz’s personal favorite design involved an island including waves, a palm tree, and even a miniature figure of a surfer riding the waves!

No, you do not have to be like Mr. Pietz and have a crazy hairdo that resembles a tarantula or a watermelon to be creative. However, finding your inner creativity is a key element to what sets you apart from others and makes you a more authentic version of yourself. So go out! Be bold! Be daring! Find your passion, and pursue it! “From the outset, the hairstyles were a challenge to create something we hadn’t seen before and experiment on how we might accomplish that goal. We saw something that was typically mundane and attempted something distinct,” Mr. Pietz says, “We were not inhibited by potential negative perceptions nor restrained by our lack of training as stylists — we just wanted to see what’s possible.”